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Hello everyone!
This is my issues, maybe somebody explain to me something, maybe this is a bug and Corona team replaced 3D displacement by 2.5D too fast.

We have a plane 10km by 10km (32000px resolution). And Layered material with 2 displacement in materials. (actually, layered Mtl with displacement modes is a great thing, I like it so much, thank you for that!).
So when we are rendering near the terrain, we will se some details of the second material (with low height of displacement, it has 3m by 3m width, 8K resolution), but because of the pixel mode of the displacement in setup we can't get all details of the displacement. I tried to get more details with world size (units) but it didn't help, it even got worse.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I think we can't get good results for big areas with displacement of Corona for now. I made some screenshots (look at the 8K render of mountains at 100% zoom pls (Displacement of big area 1.jpg)):


One more test. So how to get detalization far from camera like near on the ground?

Displacement - 1px (less number is giving me an error and do nothing)
The ware density of the ground plane - more then 50 millions poligons
The size of ground plane - 10km by 10km
And what to do with larger terrains in this case?


Hi, sorry for the lack of replies, I am not sure if I understand your issue correctly. Do you mean that the areas close to the camera are very detailed and the ones farther away have less detail in them? (are more "blurry"?)

If so, this is the expected behavior right now, because displacement in "screen size" mode is calculated depending on the image resolution. If many small details are smaller than a single pixel, they will not be visible, or at least not clearly.

I don't know what exact texture you are using for you displacement (e.g. is it a bitmap? or a procedural texture?) but you could try lowering the "blurring" value or cycling between different filtering modes. That might help.

Alternatively, maybe you could try using Scatter to get sharp, high quality details in the background? (e.g. scattering some rocks)


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