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Can we talk about how you go about prepping a model from the client?

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Often it can be beneficial to learn basics of other software (AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, etc..) so that certain clean-up can be done before importing to 3dsMax, where it will be lot more cumbersome.

I work often with Inventor models from Furniture companies in form of STEP file. That one is quite useful as it's parametric, it can look like crap in viewport but render in high definition. I use scripts (available for free online) to set them like that (shit viewport, HQ render).
In this way, native formats are often better than exported formats (like 3ds, OBJ), for which you no longer have any control.

I don't remodel parts that provide no artifacts and don't require further detail. Render-time effects like 'Round Edges' is very useful to make this look ok.
I don't UVW map when not needed. Triplanar Shading is automatic and geometry-agnostic. I use world-mapped mode of Triplanar if the Geo is wrong internal scale. World mapping is faster and more painless than resetting X-Form and finding the geo has exploded somewhere...

I tell to clients, every time, for every job, I repeat it endlessly, so they never forget :- ), that the model is nice and useful reference, but that's about it. I remind them how much work I do nonetheless.
I tell this even to clients I worked with for 10 years. I still tell them for every single job :- ). Thell them in friendly and informative way, but briefly.

Thank you Juraj.
Lots of things for me to think about, in your post.


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