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Corona Material Editor Slots take too long to load

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--- Quote from: maru on 2022-08-26, 15:40:25 ---You can try going to Render Setup > System > System settings and lowering the quality of the material editor previews, or switching them to the default 3ds Max ones. This will speed up preview rendering.

--- End quote ---

not to hijack someone else's thread, but we're also often using compact editor and this is ultra slow. lowering the preview quality for material editor makes 0 difference. i.e. 1.0 and 0.1 is the same slowness, just with bad quality preview.

Are you all seeing this in Max 2023? If you try 2020-2022, is it any faster?
There were some changes in material editor's UI, who knows, maybe it's related.

2022 here.

Thanks for the info, we will see if we are able to reproduce it.


--- Quote from: alexyork on 2022-08-26, 16:16:56 ---2022 here.

--- End quote ---
Corona v8? Worse than v7? And, do you see this in Max 2021, if you have any chance to test...?

I'm asking because I might move from to 2021 to 2022 and I'm eager to learn about any potential problems rather sooner than too late.


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