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Corona Material Editor Slots take too long to load

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--- Quote from: pokoy on 2022-08-26, 16:49:42 ---
--- Quote from: alexyork on 2022-08-26, 16:16:56 ---2022 here.

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Corona v8? Worse than v7? And, do you see this in Max 2021, if you have any chance to test...?

I'm asking because I might move from to 2021 to 2022 and I'm eager to learn about any potential problems rather sooner than too late.

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Sorry only 2022 and Corona 8/9 here.

Ok, thank you.

Confirmed and reported. No idea what is causing it right now and no workaround other than switching to Slate or disabling the auto update option, sorry.

(Internal ID=956630912)


This is now fixed in the latest daily build

You can grab it here:



the speed of my slate material editor has always been extremely laggy while utilizing real time rendering. when clicking on any node, it takes sometimes 5-10 seconds to load a single node. these seconds add up and I sometimes just dread to work at all. i spend more time waiting for nodes to load while i am real time rendering than actually doing any creative work. it is extremely frustrating and I have no idea what's the deal with this constant lag. does this have to do with complexity of the scene? any help would be great!

 I am running on a threadripper 3990x and a RTX 3080 and 3ds max 2022... although it's been laggy on 2020 as well.


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