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Corona Material Editor Slots take too long to load

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Hi! I am using Corona 8 (Hotfix 2) Trial Version & 3dsmax 2023.

I have observed that all the material slots in the 'compact material editor' take a bit long to fully load. This happens even in a fresh new file with plain gray 'Standard Legacy' materials in all slots. The issue occurs once every time the material editor is opened in for the first time in a 3dsmax scene.

Any resolution for this will be greatly appreciated!

Philip kelly:
I find it very slow to be honest

It's exasperatingly slow!!!

I talked about this in another thread but nothing has been fixed yet.
Wish the issue is addressed and resolved. Else have found the Slate Editor Mode to be faster. So I guess I will stick to using that for now.

Is this only happening to you guys in the compact editor, or also in Slate? (according to last post Slate is faster)

You can try going to Render Setup > System > System settings and lowering the quality of the material editor previews, or switching them to the default 3ds Max ones. This will speed up preview rendering.

Also make sure that you are using "High performance" or similar power plan in Windows. I noticed many times that with other plans the 3ds Max UI is sluggish unless you are rendering at the same time (the CPU is not in full throttle mode).


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