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NEW AI that will replace all 3d modelers and texture artists

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That would be already a huge step forward if we had an AI able to correctly retopo a mesh made with booleans. For what I see, this technology is similar to a 3D scan, but made with photos. In theory that's a great tool, but the topology is a total mess that makes the mesh quite useless.


Who else remembers the first photogrammetry tools in 2005?

Alex Abarca:
Well most artists today are now generalists and scene developers. Most save time on a project by not modeling and go to turbosquid to get the job done.  There is talk about AI replacing this and that and yeah that shit coming out midjourney is really cool and creative looking. But it's just unusable trash.

I hear people say"its going to guide me to do better artwork" well what about observing what has been done by creative minds, by the minds of the humans with true emotions and uncertainties, their struggles, their stories, what shaped them etc. That's true beauty, and far more dimensional than what an algorithm spits out. And it's more of an algorithm than AI because it all looks the same, I am talking about midjourney of course.

In regards to this modeling tool, its really cool I dig it! I could use for modeling mundane things like an old shoe or something like that. Mundane things that don't require a lot thought process. But my brain and soul aspires to keep design and creation part as my personal works. I would like to keep thinking and dreaming for my self-worth.

Steve McCurry and thousands more...


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