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3ds Max Corona support Synced Workflow?

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--- Quote from: haueryou26 on 2022-06-08, 00:06:50 ---For others: If you want Tangent space normals from HP asset to LP you appear to have to rip them in 3ds Max. I tried to get Designer and Painter working but it appears these texturing applications only support MikkTspace

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You can convert normal textures to different space with Handplane (don't confuse with Handplane Baker).

I just tried out handplane and no dice.

Thanks for the feedback Romullus. You are correct, I was introduced to a synced workflow and how it empowers artists while working on Halo 4 and 5. So Its just second nature at this point to assume most 3d applications support this industry standard, normal map format.  I think the goal of most people that want to use MikkTspace is for dual purpose pipelines. The dream is that you can create one set of content and have it render "Correctly" in your modeling package and real-time engine. I know MegaScans uses MikkTspace for all there content and other companies are starting to follow suit.

It would be amazing if Corona supported this feature. However I know all companies need to prioritize there goals differently. As for me, my main goal is to be able to use as much content as possible from all these amazing sites and have it work in any application.

MikkT is Supported and used by the following
-3d Max
-Substance Painter
-Substance Designer
-and more...

One can dream!!!!

AFAIK, at the time when Corona normal node was created, 3ds Max itself didn't support Mikkt normal tangent space and later on, nobody ever complained about something like that, so there was no pressure to add missing features.

Moving this topic to resolved bug board, since i saw you have created new topic in feature request board.

Sounds good, with any luck this feature will be added soon.



--- Quote from: haueryou26 on 2022-06-08, 00:06:50 ---Looks like 3ds Max space might be the only thing supported currently.

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Did you manage to get completely artefact free render from Corona with normal map converted to 3ds Max space? Perhaps you did try to compare it with the output from another renderer within 3ds Max? I'm asking this because i stumbled upon the model which does not render cleanly in Corona, despite the normal map being baked in correct (3ds Max) space. I don't have any other decent renderer to compare with, but it seems that there's no issue with how the model looks in viewport (with realistic material preview mode) and also it renders just fine with scanline and mental ray. I think your initial report might have been correct - Corona indeed does not support synced workflow. IMHO this is pretty serious issue.


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