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3ds Max Corona support Synced Workflow?

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Hey guys,

Im new to Corona and wanted to know if 3ds Max and Corona support a synced workflow? I spent the last few hours trying to figure this out and still no luck. If anyone can provide guidance on how to author normal maps that work with Corona it would be greatly appreciated.

Images attached show how a cube renders that has "Correctly" setup normals and shaders. The second image shows what happens if you link the same asset to Corona using Corona shader and a Corona normal converter. Also linked is a working file that has the repro case.

Normals are Using MikkTspace and Per Pixel Calculations. Mesh is triangulated and should prove that vanilla 3ds Max processes this asset correctly

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
-Stephen Hauer


I think Corona uses 3ds Max and not MikkT space. If you have an option to convert or re-bake your normal texture to 3ds max space and test if that works, it would be nice if you could report back your findings.

NP, Let me give that a try and let you know how it works

Looks like 3ds Max space might be the only thing supported currently. Are there any plans to update corona to use MikkTspace? This is the industry standard and it would be amazing if this was supported!

For others: If you want Tangent space normals from HP asset to LP you appear to have to rip them in 3ds Max. I tried to get Designer and Painter working but it appears these texturing applications only support MikkTspace


I don't think there was a single request to support different normal spaces, so you may want to change that and fill your request in this board:

Thing is that Corona is geared mostly towards archviz. Issues from unsynced workflow are extremely rare here, so most people are simply unaware about the issue.


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