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corona proxy full mesh viewport display not working

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We have big 3dsmax 2019.3.3 scenes, with many proxy furniture objects. Now, out of the sudden, the proxys are not able to display as mesh anymore. If I turn it on, it goes to box-mode and not coming back to any other state. In this state, it is almost impossible to set cameras.

Did anybody had the same problems before?

We use Corona 7 (Hotfix 1)


Does this happen with all viewport display modes or just a certain one(s)?

Thanks for the fast reply!

I found the problem!
It happens if I switch the proxy to mesh, while in autokey-mode.

Auto-key off, and everything seems to work fine again.

Maybe this helps someone else as well :)

ha! Was about to post this as a bug too. Happens to me too in max 2023 with corona 9 daily. Box, wireframe and point cloud works fine, but trying to show mesh while autokey is on, just shows a wireframe box.

Can we look into this behaviour? It's quite annoying when trying to animate polygon heavy objects made to proxies as point clouds most of the time, but then to control it rotates or lands/don't hit anything, I want to switch to full mesh preview real quick and it doesn't work and interrupts the workflow having to switch back to pointcloud, turn off autokey, show full mesh, then autokey again etc.

Moving the topic to bug reporting board.


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