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Physical Material Error - & corona converter

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I'll keep an eye on this.

Just to let you know that in the hotfix this problem still exists...:(

I found a solution for this issue which I am facing too, you have to open the scene that you want to convert and use the old "corona converter 1.45"
it will convert it to "corona legacy MTL" without any headache.

Here is the link

A company like this gives new features and doesn't know how to solve problems!


--- Quote from: Erik1974 on 2022-05-20, 14:20:49 ---I just noticed something that has to do with this issue. In Chaos Cosmos there are models that also have metal materials where there shouldn't be any.

For example, import 'Vase Flowers 63-21' you will see that almost all materials are metal! I would expect that these models would be checked before publishing?

I really like the addition of Chaos Cosmos but i think this needs to be checked and fixed, i noticed it before with 'Vase 006' too.

--- End quote ---

This issue is now fixed. You can try it out in the latest v9 daily build, you can find it here:




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