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The best way I found these years is: to have layers in 3ds Max, you have to assign a material to each layer in rhino ( only a separated named material with no color and texture works). then export it as 3d`s and it would work Just Perfect...

Hi all,

I have been modeling in Rhino for many years and this is my best export option to 3ds Max.

Attached screenshots of the process.


Holy Moly Buzzz,

That is the nicest import I've seen (tested it myself and boy, it's much better than anything I've ever produced).

The funny news is; as importing was such a hassle since my original post I've forced myself to learn modelling in Max properly. So now this info is kind of unnecessary for me these days :)

Good news; now know max, bad news; don't use rhino anymore :(


Rhino is fast and easy to use in architecture. It´s true that having everything in the same program is better and futures changes in geometry.

I've found myself modeling straight into 3dsMax more as well. Per usual, max does somethings better than Rhino, and vice versa. However, I still find he need to export from Rhino into max for objects that I generate in Grasshopper. I'm going to try this method next time I need that ability.


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