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--- Quote from: ecximer on 2013-09-26, 09:24:53 ---you're too big opinion of himself.

--- End quote ---

No I am not, and you're too sensitive about your own language. Stating English language as dominating in international affairs is matter of fact and not some forced opinion of mine.
Whether you took this somehow as insult or negative reaction, that is your own way of enviosioning it. That is not my intention ! And yes, asking someone in very botched English is considered quite rude to the host considering the effort it takes them to understand it.

Thank you for calling me "too full of himself" that might be somehow true but it's no how connected to stating opinions or facts. Maybe you could have offered counter-opinion instead of getting offended and attacking ?

Btw I am not against the board :- )

aaaaand stop.


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