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3dsmax resetting UI

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Hello max users,

We seems to have never ending issues with 3dsmax resetting its UI so that you need to set up shortcuts, buttons etc all over again. Max 2017 seems to be better, but we had to go back to 2016 for other reasons.

Anyone have any tips? I suspect it may have started happening when we moved to windows 10 but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe some kind of permissions issue?

any help much appreciated


I don't think it's windows 10 related. When i switched from max2014 to max2016, i was shocked how unreliable it seemed to me at first. I was on win 7 then. Max kept loosing UI customization very often. But with time it somehow became more stable and after i changed OS to win 10, my experience with max2016 became pretty much normal. Of course there is plenty broken things which worked fine in max2014, but at least it doesn't loose customization anymore.

Make a backup of 3dsmax.ini with your current setup, and restore it every time when it happens.

Go to customize menu - Save custom ui saves your keyboard shortcut, menus,quad, color etc. i always do this action everytime i change my ui. hope this helps.

Tbh, I am suspecting Windows 10 has some issues with 3dsmax which seems to get better with windows update. I am still using 3dsmax 2014 since my workflow is relatively simple and some things have been problematic compared to when I was on Windows 8.1. Will probably upgrade soon. I also figured re-setting 3dsmax UI settings/preference by deleting the 3dsmax folder in the app folder improves viewport performance and tools response when there is viewport lagging/ slow tool response. I only do this when it is absolutely necessary.


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