Author Topic: Option to pause IR re-draw until viewport or camera navigation is done  (Read 658 times)

2022-09-20, 21:26:09


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It would be awesome if there was an option (maybe a toggle in the render\system settings) that gave you the option to pause IR redraw until you were done with the walkthru camera keys or mouse stroke that is moving your target, etc.  Lots of times I want to 'drive' to various locations real quick, but I only get about 1 second in and then IR grinds to a halt, especially in a heavy scene.  So I stop IR, move my camera, and restart IR. 

I'll sometimes pilot around in other viewports that aren't locked to IR as a hacky solution, but it would be SWEET to be able to tell IR to pause on re-drawing\parsing until the walkthru keys are released.

Cheers and thanks for considering,