Author Topic: vray style bucket rendering + cryptomatte implementation  (Read 1494 times)

2022-07-04, 09:14:12


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Hi guys,
since i work both with vray and corona there are things that i miss a lot from vray.
Very important for us, from perspective of a small studio.

Request #3: Bucket rendering + cryptomatte implementation

Bucket rendering saves RAM and makes cryptomatte masks great tool to use. I would also like to see 'by material' option for cryptomatte (as in vray)

In its current state, even interiors that are not THAT complex are so ram-hungry that on render slaves with 128GB we are getting out of memory style errors. Exterior wise cryptomatte is completely unusable, because of RAM.

2022-09-06, 17:23:19
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by material option in cryptomatte is something i would also like to see added

2022-09-08, 16:18:18
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Bumping this one

Rendering out animation sequences in .cxr and converting to .exr later is a huge data bloat for us. Really appreciate the first steps of integrating cryptomatte into the ecosystem (awesome!); however, in order to use it practically in an animation workflow, we really need to be able to output a usable cryptomatte pass as .exr right out of render. Even having a separate pass/not imbedded would work.

Keep up the great work!

2022-09-09, 09:49:36
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We are planning on allowing saving CXR out directly as an EXR to avoid the pain in manually renaming them.

Stay tuned :)



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