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Title: round edges material
Post by: 3di on 2017-05-30, 18:53:54
I have some really badly faceted cad objects which are really difficult to smooth with smoothing groups due to the bad topology.  I'm just experimenting with the round edges map which is giving pretty good results, but I need to somehow get it to vary the radius on a per edge basis based on the sharpness of the corner so that I don't lose detail where it's supposed to be...for example a smaller radius on sharper corners and a larger radius on edges on flatter areas.  Is there a way to do this?


Title: Re: round edges material
Post by: maru on 2017-05-31, 11:11:32
I don't think this can be achieved.

I just tried with CoronaAO (set to "calculate from inside") as the "Radius map" for the rounded edges map. You can then specify "Ray directionality" in the AO to exclude some of the edges, however this method is not very easy to use, and produces some unexpected/hard to understand results.