Author Topic: Should I use Denoiser with animation? or not?  (Read 714 times)

2022-10-27, 22:23:07


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Hi all,

I was wondering if I can use less pass and then denoiser with the animation? will it give me flickering if I use denoiser with animation?
Also I was thinking about single bounce. Can I use it with animation.
Asking because it is suggested to use this setting on Corona website, Render Settings > Corona > Secondary GI: UHD Cache) from "Still frame (fast precomputation)" to "Animation (flicker-free)
Hope it makes sense for someone.

many thankes.

2022-10-28, 13:32:06
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So long as noise is cleaned up enough that the denoiser can work effectively, it is fine in animation. May want to use the Corona HQ denoiser and not an AI denoiser as the "AI" part could mean it interprets things differently in each frame - at very least try a little test run if you do want to use an AI denoiser.

Single Bounce only refers to things like volumetrics, is that what you mean? You can use that in animation as readily as full bounces, it has the same effect on the result as it does on a still.

Best to use the 4K Cache as the secondary, its the best choice (in very rare niche cases it may cause square artifacts, which is the only time to  swap back to the UHD). Do still keep Animation flicker free checked though :)
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2022-10-28, 15:59:53
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We only render Corona in Path Tracing for both solvers. We do a lot of animation and just dont like messing with the caches and stuff.

We also use Corona HQ denoiser at around 0.75 as a start.

I know not everyone will want to render with just Path tracing, but for us it's just less guessing, and we never have any flickering.
Not sure if we could get better render times if we used a different solver for the GI, but I prefer letting the render farm do the work, and not worring about GI settings :)