Author Topic: Animating CoronaSelect map is no longer working with max Composite map  (Read 562 times)

2022-09-01, 23:24:32


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I have some Physicals shaders, which has animated coronaselect map (for multiple textures) at the beggining, and some 3ds max Composite map at the end. There are some fallofs in between, color corections, standard fabric shader.

When updated to Corona 8, started to encounter some problems with newly created corona select maps, while old (Corona 7 Physical with corona select) shaders, which were untouched, works fine.

Having composite map at the end just stops the change of the animated Corona Select, while the animation occurs, it is not showing in the IPR or Production. When I switch coronaselect by hand, it works like intended, but the animation gets stuck on (mostly) 1st input.

There is no difference if you have only one or more layers on the Composite map.

2022-09-05, 08:20:05
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I actually tried to reproduce the issue you just stated, but I was unable to; maybe I did something wrong. Here is a video inspection:

Can you provide a simple scene(preferably a blank scene with some cubes and material nodes connected in a fashion that they don't work, as you stated) and some repro steps so I will be able to reproduce your issue on my side?

Also, I am not sure which physical shader you are referring to, Corona physical MTL or max standard physical MTL?

Looking forward to helping you with this issue.

Note : You can also DM me your scene privately if you don't wish to share it on forum.
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