Author Topic: Extremely slow render when using coronashadowcatcher  (Read 560 times)

2022-07-13, 10:15:05


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Hey all, I'm currently doing my first "photomatch" job in corona render, previously i used to be a v-ray guy for this sort of stuff.
I find the coronashadowcatcher almost unusable, the rendering times are absolutely atrocious.
-I'm using perspective match on top of a photo to get the persepctive right.
-Then I'm putting the photo into this  material tree and applying to my geometry.
- I made sure to override the direct visibility to black, as mentioned in the shadowcatcher
- The initial render pass takes forever, 10+ min and rendering is then extremely slow
- Corona tonemapcontrol doesn't do much to the rendering time. I've tried bypassing it.

MAYBEJENSEN I Working on something I  Ryzen 3950x / RTX 3080

2022-07-18, 10:02:21
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Can you please send us your scene and a brief description of your issue in our support ticket here -

Once we receive your scene through the ticket, we will investigate the issue and update you accordingly.
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