Author Topic: Render-to-Texture in Network broken  (Read 2016 times)

2021-11-23, 16:14:48


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Hello Corona Support,

Render-to-Texture in Corona (actually since always) is broken. You can setup anything you want in the RTT Max Dialog (s. attachment left) as network path, Corona will always save the result in the //user/documents/and_so_on/ locally.

Vray works perfectly with the paths, I wish you could take a look at the local/network path-settings in Corona and make it compatible with native 3dsMax way of working. :)
Thanks in advance for your work!
best regards

Igor Posavec

2021-12-20, 03:22:52
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Any updated news on this?

2022-08-02, 14:58:31
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I tried to repro it but was unable to replicate your scene. On my side, the files are saved on the network easily.

Here is a video recording:

I am using Corona 8 HF 2.

If you can help me replicate the issue on my end so, I can look further.
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