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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Car Style Frame
« on: 2014-01-10, 22:49:52 »
If you use alpha V5, then make CoronaMTL, set diffuse level to 0, so it is completely black. Then enable emission, and put HDRI into emission texture slot. Resulting mesh light should act the same way as in Vray.

If you use daily builds, then you do the same, but use CoronaLightMTL instead of CoronaMTL.

I am using alpha V5. I knew there must be some way of doing something similar, still it does not have the same options as having it in the light source. But I just did a test and your workflow does the trick for now..... Thank you.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Car Style Frame
« on: 2014-01-10, 21:39:34 »
This was an over an hour. I usually just set my max time to an hour a frame, and then just let'r rip. But I will most likely try to get the render time way down from that for such a "simple" image.

I have not really messed with render times in Corona yet because I just max it at an hour and I can live with the results. Now, for animation I would not want to go any higher though :)

I usually have the render stamp on! I will make sure to have it next render!

Work in Progress/Tests / Car Style Frame
« on: 2014-01-10, 21:13:29 »
Working on some style frames of a few car models. Seeing how I can fair with Corona. I must say I miss being able to map HDRI maps to lights like I can in Vray. Not sure if that is something in the daily builds or not, but I hope so :)

I know I am using some crappy concrete texture right now, but I will see if I have time to clean it up/make something more interesting.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2014-01-09, 17:20:49 »
Problem for not having PFlow support is that I use it for all sorts of things. Not just for making smoke.....
I use it in modeling, adding details, scattering, as well as for making abstract shapes for design work. It is such a versatile tool that spans many workflows for me.

I don't think the Mesher object would cut for me in the long run. And to be fair, Corona sort of needs to come out of the gate and support as much as it can :)

News / Re: Material previews with arbitrary shapes
« on: 2014-01-06, 19:55:11 »
i have never used anything other than the sphere, but this is good.

I am having a hard time going back to non-corona Mat previews. They are very nice :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Bump intensity
« on: 2014-01-06, 18:09:54 »
I would just like to put my vote to have the bump scale from 0-100. It makes a little more sense even if it is a fake effect.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: First WIP
« on: 2014-01-04, 17:54:14 »
Thank you for the comment. I am glad you noticed the stuff on the floor! I was not sure if I should add more of it, but I decided being subtle with it was better :)

Work in Progress/Tests / First WIP
« on: 2014-01-02, 21:52:17 »
Here is my first Corona WIP. I started using Corona at Alpha 5, and must say it is very fun to use :)
The render time is more than what I want, but it is because I just set it to max 1 hour in case I get up and walk away. I have a 5 week old baby and that means walking away from the computer a lot :) I am looking forward to optimizing the render next, and cleaning up some low res textures.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2013-12-18, 23:53:37 »
I know as soon as you have a huge production scene it becomes pointless, but anyone doing car rendering/product rendering it makes so much sense.

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