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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: USD Support from Chaos?
« on: 2024-01-19, 19:05:42 »
I appreciate your candour Tom thanks.

[Max] Feature Requests / USD Support from Chaos?
« on: 2024-01-19, 16:20:26 »
Now Chaos has signed up to the OpenUSD Alliance will we be seeing integration from the corona side?
Im hoping that we can see some support from the corona side because currently we are in a walled garden.
Material X support as well as integration with USD would allow greater compatibility when working in multidisciplinary teams.

I note that Vray already has export compatiblity with these features;
  • V-Ray shaders (materials and textures)
  • Animation of shader parameters
  • V-Ray lights
  • Animation of VRayLight parameters
  • V-Ray Displacement
  • VRayInstancer
  • VRayProxy
  • V-Ray Physical Camera
  • User-Defined object attributes with textures such as VRayUserScalar and VRayUserColor
  • Native MaterialX materials through maxUSD

I understand that things are different than they used to be with regards to PR and what the team can say but the canned response of 'check the trello if its not there then keep your eyes peeled' really isnt helpful. It feels like with Vray the users wouldnt need to ask if the feature is coming because its an industry standard piece of software, of course its coming. With Corona though i feel i can never be sure if the software is going to keep up with the industry requirements of its user base.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-19, 16:01:25 »
Insightful read.
A suggestion, if I may: Arnold. You are already getting it with 3dsMax subscription. CPU focused like Corona. Similar speed. Much more features. Just give it a try, dip a toe.

Ive been doing this recently but i really really miss lightmix.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-18, 13:25:10 »
Yikes, that was Corona 8, must admit, considering the next release is scheduled for May/June this year, it doesn't look very exciting at all as far as the roadmap is concerned ... New VFB skin and Cosmos/Mat Library updates.  For me the last really beneficial update was Corona 9.  With Clouds, Out of Core Textures and Pattern, but again nothing groundbreaking.  I'd call them improvements more than anything.  Clouds and Pattern already existed in VRay by that point.

Most of my work is interiors so clouds didnt make much difference for me personally so its sort of the push and pull of releases benefitting some more than others and i get that completely. But i remember when lightmix came to be and it was just an instant gamechanger for everybody.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-17, 00:24:05 »
I agree with the sentiments here. The prices go up and yet there seems to be very little focus on major new features and more focus on giving up asset 'freebies' or software we MIGHT have a use for. The last big update that made any kind of difference to my productivity was whenever decals came to be. Aside from that it feels very much like small incremental changes or changes to potentially unnecessary things that are clearly meant to add additional value to corona such as scatter and cosmos.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-11, 14:42:39 »
The more the price increases the more incentive i have to learn a realtime engine. So unless they can sort out good, seamless vantage integration soon to save me the hassle, i cant see there being a need for me to remain using an offline renderer for the majority of my work.

It's a Chaos thing, not a Corona thing I feel.  When it comes to the business side of things, Corona and Chaos still feel like completely separate companies.  This whole price increase/annual subscriptions etc has been an abomination in terms of communication from the start.  Both external communication to customers and internal communication inside Chaos.  We've got the devs on here telling us one thing, Chaos support telling us another and then Chaos billing doing something completely different again.

Communication seems to relatively poor behind the scenes.  There's another live thread on here at the minute about Phoenix Memory leaks where the devs have said one thing, and support have said another.

I do feel sorry for the devs on here though because they're the ones who get it in the neck from us lot, and they're genereally excellent, but we have nowhere else to vent.  On the other hand, I guess they have to take the rough with the smooth, when you sell to the suits, you have to be prepared to take the inevitable backlash that comes with it.  Bigger leagues, bigger problems and all that.

Absolutely agree. The team here are always fantastic and have been since the start. Its only since the chaos takeover that things have started to go a bit sour.

The renewal charge also didnt match the charge listed on the email i recieved last year telling me what my next renewal price would be.
Support are telling me there was a price increase. I cant find a single email mentioning it.

Same here, getting in touch is currently on my todo list, but as it's been mentioned I'll chime in.  My renewal quote was £358.80, I have it written in black and white next to 'Next Billing Amount (vat/taxes included)" - yet I was charged £430.56.  Where do we get our refunds from for the difference?

And I also haven't received any 'price increase' notifications.  The price increase was when you forced us all onto annual.  And that was a significant one.  Are support suggesting there has been another significant increase less than 12 months after that?

You can't explicitly state that you're going to charge someone X amount and then bill them a completely different amount when the time comes?  At least not without their approval.

Interestingly, £358.8 + VAT/taxes = £430.56.  It's clear on the quote though that the £358.80 already includes VAT/taxes, so I'm sure it's a simple mistake that will be rectified.  It seems it's happened to most people though as I've just spoken to someone else who's reached out to support today about it.  The worrying thing is, a lot of people won't even notice.

Yup identical situation. Its ridiculous because i spoke to Tom on the fb group and he mentioned there hasnt been a price increase so something somewhere has gone wrong. I also really dislike how renewals cannot benefit from the black friday discount. Absolutely no benefit to being loyal anymore. After a solid decade of being a corona user and hyping it up to everyone i know im starting to get a bitter taste in my mouth in regards to the direction the company is going on the business side. I dont like being held at ransom for the software i use and this is giving me the push i need to start looking into Unreal as a visualisation tool. Charging double for monthly payments was bad enough. Im giving the benefit of the doubt this time until a resolution is negotiated.

I also just discovered that autorenew was a thing having been planning on downgrading since ive not used phoenix or scans in the last year.
The renewal charge also didnt match the charge listed on the email i recieved last year telling me what my next renewal price would be.
Support are telling me there was a price increase. I cant find a single email mentioning it.


Yes agreed ! I switched from pro to solo since the price increased so much its insane. Its annoying they added all of the chaos bloatware and put the prices up so much.

I dont mind paying for the pro but the thing that gets me most is that it costs literally double if you want to pay an annual subscription monthly. Id much rather they took the adobe approach and just tied me in for 12 months with the ability to pay the lower price monthly.

I understand why the price increased last year. I just dont understand why the email i was sent last year shows a different price than what ive been charged. Ive submitted a support ticket anyway. I know youve had an issue with that though.

I was charged nearly 100 GBP more than last years renewal price. Its an absolute joke to be paying more than the cost of the DCC for a rendering package as an individual.

Will we be seeing chaos cloud integration pop up in any near future versions?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-08-19, 22:21:09 »
A little concerned there is no "Corona Fur" on the list?

Its been requested for years and its a real staple feature when creating certain fabrics, rugs etc. Is there any actual news or development being done on this? I've seen posts dating back maybe to like 2019 haha and its been responded to in a bit of a kick a bit further down the road way.

Given corona supports multiple fur plugins its unlikely to be a top priority. and in the world of feature requests 2019 is essentially yesterday.

I increased them all to 4096 and saw no change.
It could be because the source texture is 16k anyway.

Ive increased the viewport texture resolution for a file im working on but regardless of the resolution decals dont seem to improve. I dont know if this is to do with the way max compresses large bitmaps or the way decals are implemented but its slightly annoying.

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