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Here wet surface test v1.  magic truck goes through water :)

More still test renders.

Character and rig test.

Gallery / Re: Heart of Istanbul
« on: 2019-02-18, 18:35:47 »
Good work. Love from Istanbul ! :)

Thank you! New items added to back of truck and added little dynamics. And i gonna give a trick for importing alembic to 3dsmax. while you working at 25 fps if import an alembic file from maya then you will see it's fps not matcing with your animations. I found a solution; before importing alembic file i set fps to 30 from settings in 3dsmax, then i import alembic and then convert to 25 fps again, and problem solved.

I exported water and foam as alembic from maya, this material is just for testing not finished. I combined two material with layered material, base material is volume material and layer 1 has standart water material. Also my English is not perfect, if i write wrong somethings sorry  for that. :)

Thanks.  Simulated with Maya Bifrost

Water simulation - Early Test Render - V01

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