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I'm using Corona 8 HF 2, and while trying to use displacement, the geometry is skewing upward instead of projecting out straight as it should be. I can't find any reason as to why this is happening. Attached is a test with a basic checker map applied to a box (all segments set to 1) and UVW set to real world scale; same result whether using it as a map in the material or with the displacement mod.

I've tried different world space settings, changing the screen size, using different maps, etc. Same results/error every time.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Not really sure if this is a Corona or MAX issue, never had it happen before using 8 or MAX 2017.
It seems that while adjusting UVW mapping with interactive running, at least with a bercontile map material, holding and pulling the arrows on the move transform type box causes the crash. Also, if you click the arrow a few times instead of dragging it, the crash happens. Clicking the arrows slowly is ok...but not very productive as it takes much longer. Had about 5 crashes in the span of 10 minutes doing this.

I do this while adjusting brick materials so I need the fine intricacy.
Running Corona 8 on MAX 2021 with Windows 10.
Thanks for any help!


I use Windows 7 and cannot upgrade at this moment in time. Will be a long while before I can use any new versions of Corona.

Gallery / 2230 Cropsey Ave
« on: 2020-08-06, 19:35:20 »

[Max] I need help! / IR window refreshes if mouse is moved
« on: 2020-01-16, 16:23:38 »
Very annoying. Any slight move of the mouse causes the window to refresh and start over. How does one fix this?
Using Corona 5, Win 7 Pro.

[Max] I need help! / UVW Randomizer
« on: 2019-11-19, 16:32:09 »
Perhaps I'm interpreting this wrong, but under U offset, if I make the range say 0-30, shouldn't my texture be moved horizontally at a random position within this range?
Instead, my texture gets skewed/rotated at an angle it appears. No changes to the w rotation fields, and v offset works as expected. The only way I can get the horizontal shift to work is if I set the range to the same value, ie: from 30-30...but since that is a constant, I have to use multimap with several ranges.
Did I fudge this? Or is it a possible bug?

[Max] I need help! / Correct metal workflow?
« on: 2019-10-24, 22:13:41 »
Since the release of 4.0, and now the 5.0 daily builds, are we still supposed to disable Fresnel IOR with color map set to RGB 10,000 when using Siger Complex Fresnel in Refl Color slot, or was this issue resolved?
Thanks for any help.

I'm using Cmasking_ID set to Mat ID and have 3 different blend materials set up, but when rendering the mask they all come out as the same color as opposed to separate colors. All other materials come out fine.

Is this normal or a bug?

I have a main site model file with some building options as XRef scenes, and I want the site to have a MO while leaving the building options' materials intact. Is this even feasible now? I remember being able to do this at some point, but can't get it to work anymore.

Normally when you right click on a value it defaults to the lowest value of .01. This is not working on the blur value in Coronabitmap...or is it supposed to be like that?

I've been looking to get into this as a means of creating/updating the NYC massing my office uses, especially since has GIS, etc., info available publicly and has its own model for download (dgn/esri/gml formats). There is also the TUM study available (which is huge in size).

The issue is I have little understanding of how to properly use these files. I have managed to open some of the gml files in FZK Viewer, in which I can export them to stl and open in MAX. I was wondering if there is a better solution, such as using FME, 3D City DB or something else. Basically looking to, in the simplest means, convert the dgn/gml files to obj/fbx. I've tried the dgn format from in CAD, however it imports as polylines and not surfaces/3d solids.

Also if anyone knows how to just use OSM data and where to import it to as to convert it to 3D (utilizing JOSM/OSM2 World, etc).

Any insight/advice would be helpful and much appreciated.

My scene works perfectly fine when I render directly from it or use IR, but when I send the file to render through Backburner a few Corona proxy objects and grouped objects randomly disappear. What the heck is happening? I have a deadline tomorrow so I need to resolve this ASAP!

Using MAX 2014, Corona 1.5 HF2. Thanks for any help.

Not sure if this is a bug or limitation, but when trying to add a custom color to the palette for a new layer/object color using the Corona picker does not work. Switched it back to default picker and had no issues.

If this is not a limitation I will start a report.

I can't get sp 2 or 3 to install, keep ending up with a permissions issue that the maxgraph folder couldn't be written (I am the only user account/admin and even used that take control reg edit tool), still no success. I was reading that the service packs have been giving many people issues, especially with the installation time.

Is there an option to install the service pack when installing MAX like previously? I didn't see it when I installed (and that was the only way I got sp3 for 2014 to install). Any other ideas? All I could think of was uninstalling 2016 and reinstalling, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for any help.

I don't know why, but my sun assembly head will not show up in my view port nor is is visible when in interactive.

Normally I use a daylight system with sun set to Corona and skylight to none. I adjust it manually to line up with the sun in the HDRI I use while in interactive, but all of a sudden it won't show up. The compass is visible and I can select the sun, but I can't see it, therefore I can't align it to the HDRI sun. Did the last hotfix do something, or am I missing something simple here?

Thanks peeps.


Tried another file and it worked there, then re-opened and remade the sun. Seems re-opening the file worked. Very weird

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