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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-11, 22:30:28 »
I dropped Corona when the initial increase happened. I expected something like this so I'm not surprised. Granted now my office pays for my rendering subscription, but we are on VRay, not Corona. I would have preferred Corona, but from a purely independent standpoint (in terms of paying for it myself), it wasn't and still isn't worth it at the price point. In all honesty, I expect Corona to be fully absorbed into VRay in the coming years. Still never could afford VRay on my own anyway.
Looking towards Blender/free options now for personal use.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Crash with Bercon tile
« on: 2023-01-18, 07:19:37 »
I'm using the github build on 2021 and haven't had any issues in IR. I'd try that build out as mentioned by pokoy.

I had to add a tessellate modifier set to operate on polygons/edge, tension of .0001 and 4 iterations to get the desired result. I link in 3D geometry from AutoCAD so this seems to be the easiest way to deal with this. Not perfect, but enough.
I just don't understand why VRay has no issues/needs no additional geometry/tessellation, etc. One would think being under the same roof now that Corona could implement the same strategy/coding.

I tried with setting the Screen (px) setting to .1 in the override, which produces a near correct result but results in a memory error (this machine has 40 gigs), For a mere box to not displace normally at 1 px seems absurd. My coworker sitting next to me is using Vray and their displacement mod and has no issues with clean displacement doing the same.

Something is screaming wrong here to me.

I'm using Corona 8 HF 2, and while trying to use displacement, the geometry is skewing upward instead of projecting out straight as it should be. I can't find any reason as to why this is happening. Attached is a test with a basic checker map applied to a box (all segments set to 1) and UVW set to real world scale; same result whether using it as a map in the material or with the displacement mod.

I've tried different world space settings, changing the screen size, using different maps, etc. Same results/error every time.
Thanks in advance for any help.

So all the back and forth of a support ticket just to tell me to cancel and re-purchase to get solo. If you can't do a simple thing like change our subscription status on the company/staff end, then what the hell is the point of support?
I've lost a lot of faith in Corona and will severely consider switching products when the time comes now. And let's be honest; with minor differences between Vray and Corona now, it's only a matter of time until Corona gets phased away I think.

I'll also add that I've requested to downgrade to solo already, and it hasn't been done yet. 2 replies from Chaos on my ticket trying to upsell me still. You guys sound like a fucking cable company that can't take no for an answer, and honestly it's making me want to just drop Corona entirely or even bootleg it out of spite.

At the very least solo should have the ability to allow installation on 2 computers; I think that would please a lot of us that are pissed off. I understand price increases, expected them when Chaos took the wheel, and loved that up until now the promise of not raising prices was great under a new, young fresh company created by those in the same field. But throw us a fucking bone here, please.

Yeah not worth another $200 a year just to be able to use Corona on home & office computer. I don't use any of the other Chaos features either, so I'll be downgrading.

Been with Corona since the beginning, just got an email that my plan (need to switch it to the basic option now as it is automatically going to be set to the upper tier plan) will be $100 more a year now. I knew since Chaos took over that prices would go up, but I'm still peeved about it. Bad timing with our economy and all for me. Also with the basic option I will only be able to use Corona at work, and another $100 a year price tag (which would be $200 more than what I used to pay) is not worth it just to use it at home and the office. Blah.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Random map for Tiles
« on: 2022-10-06, 00:01:13 »
Bercontiles still has issues with bump mapping from my experiences. An actual working map/plugin with good controls would be wonderful. The biggest criteria for me would be ability to control coursing per object, and proper returns/texture alignments at corner conditions. Not even sure if that one is possible by a map/plugin itself.

For the moment: Try to disable "Show shaded material in viewport" for the material(s) and maps containing the bercon stuff. I was able to avoid almost all (my) crashes this way.

Good Luck
Thanks Frood, I'll try this. I've used the show shaded with bercon previously in Corona 7 / MAX 2017 and never had any issues, so maybe the compiled file for 2021 is messed up?

Thanks Tom.
Minidump is attached.

Where is the min dump saved to again?
I'm running Corona 8 Hotfix 2.

Not really sure if this is a Corona or MAX issue, never had it happen before using 8 or MAX 2017.
It seems that while adjusting UVW mapping with interactive running, at least with a bercontile map material, holding and pulling the arrows on the move transform type box causes the crash. Also, if you click the arrow a few times instead of dragging it, the crash happens. Clicking the arrows slowly is ok...but not very productive as it takes much longer. Had about 5 crashes in the span of 10 minutes doing this.

I do this while adjusting brick materials so I need the fine intricacy.
Running Corona 8 on MAX 2021 with Windows 10.
Thanks for any help!

From what I've seen of some programs using AI for zoning studies/massings, I have no doubt there will be less need for architects say 20 years down the road, never mind 3D renderers/visualization artists. Once AI can maximize profit for developers then its game over, or close to it.

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