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Cosmos Library Missing Materials Categories

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Mohd Abosido:
Hello Everyone,

I've encountered an issue with the Cosmos library in the material section. I noticed that there are significantly fewer material categories compared to the older version. I'm not sure if this is a new update where categories have been removed, or if there's something wrong with my version.

I've updated my Corona to Hotfix 2 and uninstalled and reinstalled Chaos Cosmos in hopes of restoring the full material library, but to no avail. If anyone can help, I would be really grateful.


We are currently looking into this.

Meanwhile, please use :

Mohd Abosido:
Great I will be waiting for a solution but can you guide on how can I download materials and assets from the online page as I don't see any download button

We have recently experienced technical issues with the Cosmos browser, which resulted in inconsistent asset numbers. The issue is now fixed and the numbers you see in your Cosmos browser are correct. Please make sure your Cosmos is fully updated - it automatically shows a notification if a newer version is available.

Below are the current asset numbers for V-Ray and Corona. Please note that these numbers may change in the near future as we are continuously expanding our asset library!

In rare cases, the assets may also be removed. For more information, see: Why are some assets being discontinued from the Chaos Cosmos library?

3ds Max:
V-Ray Version -> All assets -> Materials
5.20.23 -> 4516 -> 823
6.00.04 -> 5483 -> 1769
6.10.04 -> 5553 -> 1769
6.20.06 ->  5564 -> 1769

3ds Max:
Corona Version -> All assets -> Materials
Corona 9 HF3 -> 4546 -> 832
Corona 10 HF3 -> 4627 -> 832
Corona 11 HF2 -> 4632 -> 837

Corona Version -> All assets -> Materials
Corona 11 HF2 -> 4632 -> 837

i don't even see the category "materials" in cosmos browser. cosmos browser is updated to the latest version.
system: cinema 4d 2024.2, corona renderer 11.2, mac studio m2 ultra


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