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Cannot render my animation project using Corona C4d!

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Hi friends,
Is there any any correct detailed workaround / tutorial for rendering Animation using Corona in Cinema 4D? I cannot find any resources and seems people do it by experiment. The UHD stuff is very confusing... how many frames? how many passes?

There are no tutorials as it's just like rendering a still. So how many passes / what noise level - you can decide based on rendering a still (as a note, best to use noise level, because different frames will show different things and so may need more passes / time, and noise level accounts for that).

The only change is setting UHD Cache to animation rather than still image, and that's really all you need to think about. Everything will then work.

Once you are confident in doing that, and you want to look into saving some time, you can look into whether you can save some time by precomputing the UHD Cache - the when you can and how to do it is at

If you are going to precompute it throughout an animation (e.g. you are moving between rooms so the first frame won't be a good UHD Cache for the whole animation), how many frames to skip can't really be given - it all depends on how fast your animation is. If things move slowly, you can skip more frames (because they will essentially be the same), if things move quickly, you'd have to recalculate and append skipping less frames. No hard and fast rule though since it all depends on the scene and how quickly it gets into seeing something different.

Hi Tom,

Thanks man for your descriptions, honestly speaking I have studied those pages about UHD Cache but couldn't figure it out how they work in Cinema 4D. In Max, I used the option every Nth frame for precomputing but in C4d I cannot find such thing. The animation is also long and it's not really possible for me to make test on 1000 frames!

My animation is in an office, the camera starts moving from the beginning of the office, it reaches one of the desks and starts turning around that desk and then moves toward the ceiling, all is 30 seconds. I don't know how to deal with this scene, can you give me more specific workaround?

Best thing is just set it to use UHD Cache, recalculate every frame (the default), and set to Animation Flicker Free rather than Still Image. No more is needed, and it's always the safest option.

Thanks Tom! Just to clarify: When I launch the interactive render it becomes clean after 10 or 15 passes but when rendering even 150 or 200 passes are not enough for one frame, so I am still confused between different unknown stuff to my knowledge. Do you have any idea about this? If it wanna take that much it means 250 hours of rendering for 30 seconds?

In your method you meant I do so as precomputing for all frames and then use the Cache file for rendering the whole animation again? If so then how many passes actually? Or you meant I start the final rendering straightforward with your mentioned method? Sorry buddy, this stuff is totally unclear for me...


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