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i wanted to ask if there are anyplans to improve the current corona vfb, maybe in a way similar to the new vfb2 frame buffer in V-Ray?

like the layers and folders with masking etc are very powerfull,i would hope Corona can also add soem stuff in that direction.
we like to have the images direct out of the frame buffer with ideall yno or only verylittle post production, such vfb tools could help a lot in daily corona work:)


Dear All,

may i show you here mypost about our new parallay virtual room shader?

maybe somemight be interested, (several did ask on forums and facebooklastdays,so here it  is native working in C4D corona!)

i post here later inthis thread also some other nice helper tools we have for follow Corona users:)


Dear All Corona Render C4d Artist here!

As recently some here around asked for a Corona compatible Parallax shader for interior rooms, we actually do have such a shader ready 🙂 as native c4d shader supporting Corona render direcly!

Maybe it might interest some of you? it supports flat and even curved walls, can be mapped per polygon or also over a UV map 😊 more than one poly, curved surfaces), it allows mapping of all interior and exterior walls, ceiling,fllor, random & controlled skipping of rooms, and also inbetween walls with opacity maps(like for furniture etc).

In case you are interested, the 1.0 version is available for 39.- in our shop here:
#c4d #coronarender #coronarenderer #maxonc4d #Maxon #maxonvfx #maxon3d

does any other also expereince extreme slow r23 geometry prepare times?

i have here scnes that take severalminutes (6-9min) forthe geometry prepare in r23and latest corona v6,
and the same does it in a few secodsin c4d r19,with exact same settings and same corona version.

i use no search paths in both, so that it cannot be.

any lese expeirece the same, is this a know issue with r23?


this seems a BUG in cam:

in vfb i can set the contrast less than 1, like to 0.7, but in camera i cannot set this, it always switches back to 1 in each new render or when i though any camera setting.

for certain work flows, in special with very low HC, it is needed to also use lower than 1 contrast.
it would be great to allow allcontrast values also n the cam,not only in vfb settings


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Motionblur & renderinstances issue
« on: 2021-02-18, 16:39:12 »

we often suffer that MB "explodes" the scene when there are render instances (which of course most scenes do have)

as this is so important, can you tell if that will be fixed for version 7?


a very essential thing i think is to update  the scene/mat converter:

1) to support vray 5
2) maybe redhsift /octane
3) it now converts aniso wrong, it shouldset neutral to 0.5 not 0

as vray 5 and corona7 mats are more or less the same(feature wise and also settingss) a converter back and forth would be super helpful!
i love corona more and more but also need vray 5, that way we could do more things in corona ,)

thanks for the great work on corona c4d!

in r23 corona 6 is cannot use the c4d coordinate window if the object has a corona material on it.  ( the coordinates in AM works though)

this is a bug happen on various engines, i hope you can fix it, the extra c4d coordinate window is for many things important and cant be replaced by the AM coordnates settings.


as title says

in r21/22 when i open a file(p.e made in v19) i get always "calculating shadow maps" when i start a render, an no render happens. i need to manually go to c4d render settings and turn of shadow option there to prevent c4d to try to calculate the shadow maps of the internal render.

in c4d v19 i not have this issue.
i think corona should automatically turn the c4d shadows off to prevent that, also in c4d 21/22in complex scenes this prevents a rendering


Dear Corona team,

for some reason the glossy slot has no mix value to mix over the base value, as it is in max and most other engines (vray c4d, vray max etc).

the glossy slot is some that very very often needs tuning.
to have the need to pout al in a max shader before is a very bad work flow.

i guess it is very easy to add a mix value as corona has it in diffuse or reflection color already, but it would help much as great new feature, for daily work!


[C4D] Bug Reporting / scene converter sets anisotropy wrong!
« on: 2020-05-06, 21:53:30 »
hi dear Corona team,

the scene converter sets al materials very wrong as it puts the anisotropy setting to 0, neutral though is 0.5 in corona c4d.

please correct that, this is a pain and makes all conversions useless.
i guess any easy fix :)


Dear fellow C4D users,

i am very happy to be able to announce that our Q-Metal Libs 01+02 are now available for Corona forC4D!

The libraries contains 393 full high end metal BRDF materials – ready to use, 
made for for Corona for Cinema4d (now shipping) and V-Ray for Cinema4D.
Included are more than 400 textures, that also can be used in all common engines.


You can get it here in our shop


You find it it here in our shop

Q-Metal-Lib BUNDLE 01+02 (save 49.- euro)

Get the price reduced BUNDLE here in our shop

All Materials are made NATIVE for C4D by us, c4d users,  handmade with Corona v5 for Cinema4d:)

we hope you find that use full and like it.

for questions please ask us under our email:

best greetings
Stefan Laub


Dear C4D Users!

We updated our shader plugin  "Q-TILE-PRO | surface engine" to version 1.2

this comes with an additional new design tool to generate "endless visually non repeating" surface textures also on huge surfaces in 1 click!

this is great to generate "endless" asphalt, plaster, concrete, sand, gravel, pebbles, water waves, stones, marble and so on out of small texture inputs.

New v 1.2 features:

* New Standalone Softpatch shader plugin added:
a new simple to use, 1 click solution for  generating „endless“ non repeating surfaces.
* Tile Pro Engine: Speedup for Octane, partly 10x speed increase in prepare time on Octane render use
* Tile Pro Engine: Fix for Octane, fixed some cases where shaders didnt render via picture viewer.
* Tile Pro Engine: added random scale feature random scale down and random scale up possible
* Tile Pro Engine: separate „UV from tiles“ option (ON/OFF) in edge dirt, turning this option OFF, even if UV from tile is on in Tex variation tab and controlling this separate, enables much more natural non repeating dirt over tiles.

coming in next versions:

* custom relief feature (a 3d parallax feature)

here a video of the new softpatch tool in action:

and here more "QTP" videos on our youtube channel:

and here 2 examples:

The update is FREE to all our users,
Both the Q-TILE-PRO shader tool plugin and the new Tpro SOFTPATCH shader are included for 149.- Euro.

more info here in our shop:

best greetings,
Stefan LAUB & the Q-TILE-PRO Team

[C4D] Feature Requests / zoom out IPR
« on: 2020-02-19, 18:18:27 »

i am not sure but it seem sit is not possible tozoom out the corona ipr.

at least i see no way to do this here.

either i over see some or of this is really missing i post this as urgent feature wish to be able to zoom not only in but also out to have it smaller than the set c4d output scale



we tend to prefer to use real photographic values in camera settings, but of course it would be still nice to be able to fine tune the exposure in vfb.
in corona EV copntrol in vfb is locked as soon i use the photographic control option in the corona cam.

in v-ray it is possible to tune it, even if a physical cam is used.

would be great to have that flexibility also in corona:)


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