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i wanted to ask if there are anyplans to improve the current corona vfb, maybe in a way similar to the new vfb2 frame buffer in V-Ray?

like the layers and folders with masking etc are very powerfull,i would hope Corona can also add soem stuff in that direction.
we like to have the images direct out of the frame buffer with ideall yno or only verylittle post production, such vfb tools could help a lot in daily corona work:)


[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Why Is the New PBR Better?
« on: 2021-05-07, 21:16:57 »
thanks a lot for the n and k values in last beta!!!:)


just as info: all our current "" plugins,like q-tilepro, geotexture, rhinoio-v2, UV splinemapper, Interiorshader,etc support s24:)


full hair support would be greatas it is7was in vray (all texturing from maxon hair thats possible,root tip colring and also colring from base texture (overall hairs) both possible to mix

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D S24
« on: 2021-04-16, 13:14:15 »
yes i meant v6,ionlyuse for for an internalproject,other wise v6 and r23;)

lokking forward for the speed fix for v7 beta and official s24 support(it has some superbnew features liek the place tool)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D S24
« on: 2021-04-15, 19:31:54 »
corona works in s24,i use it since days. i just copied the r23 corona folder from r23 plugins into s24 plugins:)

Dear All,

may i show you here mypost about our new parallay virtual room shader?

maybe somemight be interested, (several did ask on forums and facebooklastdays,so here it  is native working in C4D corona!)

i post here later inthis thread also some other nice helper tools we have for follow Corona users:)


Dear All Corona Render C4d Artist here!

As recently some here around asked for a Corona compatible Parallax shader for interior rooms, we actually do have such a shader ready 🙂 as native c4d shader supporting Corona render direcly!

Maybe it might interest some of you? it supports flat and even curved walls, can be mapped per polygon or also over a UV map 😊 more than one poly, curved surfaces), it allows mapping of all interior and exterior walls, ceiling,fllor, random & controlled skipping of rooms, and also inbetween walls with opacity maps(like for furniture etc).

In case you are interested, the 1.0 version is available for 39.- in our shop here:
#c4d #coronarender #coronarenderer #maxonc4d #Maxon #maxonvfx #maxon3d

where is this private uploader?

the problem is that it happens after a time in r23 not right away, i never have it in c4d 19 and corona though

does any other also expereince extreme slow r23 geometry prepare times?

i have here scnes that take severalminutes (6-9min) forthe geometry prepare in r23and latest corona v6,
and the same does it in a few secodsin c4d r19,with exact same settings and same corona version.

i use no search paths in both, so that it cannot be.

any lese expeirece the same, is this a know issue with r23?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: R23 Asset browser
« on: 2021-03-13, 14:02:34 »
hi mmarcotic

do you mean you can fix the slow r23 perfomarmce overall?

i get partly endless prepare times in c4d r23 like 9min vs a few seconds with c4d r19! with exact the same scene and corona version.

i think it is related with texture paths,but i am not sure, but the difference from r19 to r23 is extreme in some scenes.
sofar i have to switch back to r19 for some work on recent bigger scenes, which is a pity

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Textures on Area Lights
« on: 2021-03-03, 11:25:27 »
why not use a light material,
this has also directionality and makes it a reallight , a mesh light (is not same as emissive mat)

overall the metalness has more realworld than the old methods with "specular reflection" and ior. the reflection color of metals is always 255 i the glancing angles,which is only fully possibe with the metalness method, which puts the "color" in diffuse", and keeps the reflection white. Vlado explained this well in the past:

that said i am also amazed that the ior is greyed out inc orona. even though it makes only a slight difference for metal ness workflows usualy there are ior values used close to 1. here a table from vray 5 which is more or les the identicalmaterials as system as v7 it seems:

in vray 5 wich has all same settings, they kept the ior ungreyed and have even given a lost on usual ior values and colors, for metals with metalness workflow.
i hope the ior can be opened also in corona v7 to be set freely in metalness mode?


this seems a BUG in cam:

in vfb i can set the contrast less than 1, like to 0.7, but in camera i cannot set this, it always switches back to 1 in each new render or when i though any camera setting.

for certain work flows, in special with very low HC, it is needed to also use lower than 1 contrast.
it would be great to allow allcontrast values also n the cam,not only in vfb settings


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Preparing scene data
« on: 2021-02-18, 23:17:43 »
no super secret but mayby:

see no texture is missing
have no materials you not need in the scene, c4d exports always all in material manager
use no search paths (in c4dprefs),or as few as possible
best all are absolute texture paths, or in local tex folder
use renderinstances where possible
avoid many procedural objects ,plain polygons or renderistances of polygons are faster in c4d.
see phong tags have normal values (less than 40 better less than 20 degree)
take care with maxon hair settings, avoid unneeded high setups.[/li][/list]

for sure not all, but a fewthings that can dramatically slow things down,at least in my expereince:)


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