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[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Materials and node editor
« on: 2022-01-21, 14:02:36 »
Corona is absolutely amazing! Specially the way it handles colors. It's my main render engine since I started using it. There are, however, a few improvements that I believe would make the user experience better.

Another one would be the possibility to dock Corona's window in c4d, like every other menu/window. It would help to keep things organized. I find myself maximizing and minimizing and dragging and closing and opening IR window all the time...

Thanks, great!! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was pretty sure I could rotate in previous versions.

I think it would be nice if there were an option in the light properties for it to not affect c4d viewport

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Rotating texture
« on: 2022-01-19, 17:05:41 »
I am facing the same problem with layer/transform, was it solved?

Thanks for the quick reply! It's just the same problem that I have, tried the same solution, rotating with layer and transform, got the same result: c4d preview rotates the bitmap but it won't when rendered. Apparently the problem wasn't solved.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Slicer
« on: 2022-01-19, 00:50:24 »
Create new Corona material and choose Slicer. You will see a slot to choose what material you will see in the sliced parts of your model. Apply this material to an object you want to use to be the source of your cut. This object will NOT be seen, but you will see that material inside the cut. If you are familiar with the Boole function, it works the same. "I want to see Object A minus Object B"

You will also see an area where you can drag objects that are getting sliced, but you do NOT want them to be affected. In my example above, the Sphere I used to cut that slice, was also cutting innto the floor so I dragged the floor into this area to fix that problem.

This include/exclude option isn't working here. When i try dragging objects the cursor turns into a red Ø, and when using the pick session no object is included in the list. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but can imagine what it could be. Any tips? thanks!

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Materials and node editor
« on: 2022-01-18, 22:47:49 »
Hey guys, I tried to gather all suggestions in one topic, but maybe it's too long, please let me know if I make some topics it would help... I would love to get a reply, thanks

What a disappointment... Another year waiting then?

Hey guys, maybe I am doing something wrong, but it appears that the bitmap won't rotate in IR, while it does in C4D viewport. I don't want to use triplanar because it create seams in the texture. Any tips? Using c4d s24.111 / corona 8 (dec 16 2021). Thanks!


as far as I know, this is not supported at the moment. I've added this as a feature request and we'll discuss it with the team.


Any news about that? =)

[C4D] I need help! / Render with and without volumetrics
« on: 2021-12-17, 21:49:09 »
Hey guys, how do I set up the multi pass to render the beauty image without the volumetrics and the volumetrics only in a separate pass (so that i can add the fog in PS with a screen layer)?

And also, what is the function to the checkbox "filter" (actually "Fltr"), in active passes, in corona multi-pass window?


[C4D] Feature Requests / Materials and node editor
« on: 2021-12-17, 21:30:35 »
I am using Corona for one year now and I think there are some improvements that could be made with the node editor, specially when compared to Octane's.

First thing is the behavior of the node editor. Corona's drag and drop system seems to me like just an extra step to get to the nodes. In octane, once you have the node material editor opened and you click in a material, it is automatically loaded in the node editor. You click in another material and, voilà, there it is. In Corona you have to drag and drop each material you wanna see the nodes of, usually the nodes come messed up, even above other ones you already had loaded in the editor. Once you have some materials loaded, you get lost zooming in and out, because the node material is not responsive to c4d's "S" hotkey [i wish S would work in c4d material manager too...], so you have to manually look for the desired material, sometimes among many many others. Personally, i would rather have this live update, to see the material in the node editor once it's selected in the material manager, than having multiple materials gathered in the material editor.

The node material editor could also have this on screen menu with all the nodes, Corona's and C4d's, like Octane (image attached). If it could be colorful, split in categories, even better. Displaying their interior values would be a shortcut, see how it is in octane. This way the material could be controlled using nodes only, no need to dig into tabs. In the same logic, it would make sense to have a node for displacement and round edges, so their parameters could be controlled with a node in the node editor.

Would it be better if you could control the UVW projection with a single node? Instead of having the uvw randomizer node between each bitmap node and the material, it could come before of everything, one single node connected to all the different maps, like octane render does. It would prevent the need of setting up the uvw randomizer node for diffuse and then copying it amidst the other channels. Could also be useful for scaling or rotating all maps at once with a single node.

I don't really see the point of having the normal map under the bump channel. To apply a normal map you have to go to base layer, scroll down to bump, enable it, click texture -> plugins -> corona -> normal. Wouldn't it be easier to have it as a category, like texture/glossiness/bump? This way you'd just have to attach a bitmap node. The same for round edges. (again, see how it is in octane)

This setup also seems to make it harder for material conversions, materials end up losing channels like glossiness, bump, normal, or translucency map. I think the last one has has something to do with this new need to check "thin shell (no inside)" in the general tab. In my opinion, this is also an extra step that we did not need. If i want to insert an translucency channel that was lost in some importing process (either FBX, from 3dsmax with maxtoc4d plugin, or quixel bridge - all of them have some problem with importing and converting materials), now i have to dig to the material proprieties: general tab > check thin shell > basic tab > check translucency > translucency tab > fraction value to 100% > texture. If only by checking translucency (which is inactive if "thin shell" is unchecked) it would automatically check "thin shell" and set translucency to 100% (which i believe to be more used then 0% between those who will turn it on) it would save the user 4 useless clicks (if you consider that one tree may have several leaves materials...).

Besides, "basic" and "general" could be a single tab, together they are all tall/long as the other tabs, like translucency, opacity, advanced. By the way, I think making "base layer" such a long/tall tab, putting together diffuse, glossiness, ior, edge, bump, anisotropy and rotation of the anisotropic highlight was a terrible mistake. It was so much cleaner when they were in separate tabs, there was no need to scroll to look for it (and i also find scrolling in this menus kinda risky, because you can end up scrolling a floating slider or a drop-down menu).

About the material converter: could it convert ONLY selected materials? Since there are so many problems with conversion (or with the way translucent materials are displayed in the viewport), I would like to keep track on which materials I am converting, also this way i can remember which ones i have already checked for missing maps. To do it now i have to open a new file, paste the object, convert its materials, go back to the main file, paste it, replace material, delete pasted object........

I was reading Corona 8 roadmap and noticed you have no plans on adding support to quixel bridge, is that right? It is so necessary, such a huge library and it takes so much effort to reattach all the missed maps when converting c4d materials to corona. I know nothing about codes, but it doesn't sound like rocket science.

I wonder if there could be a tool that would look up for missing maps, it only would have to look in the same folder for files with the same name, looking for suffixes like "normal"/"nrm"/"n.*" and attaching it to the correspondent material propriety. Something like poliigon material importer. I believe it would save users a lot of time when downloading assets from web and could be a way around converting materials issues.

Again regarding the roadmap, can we expect motion blur to finally work with animated characters in Corona 8? This is so necessary for archviz...

So, many little things that would make my life really easier (perhaps other people too?). I hope they are not that hard to implement.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Add node buttons in node editor
« on: 2021-12-17, 17:38:58 »

Octane provides also a search menu that filters the nodes, and its color system helps to keep things organized


This would be extremely useful!!

Thanks, Jan!! I've deleted the LicensingLog.txt and now it works.

best regards,

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