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[C4D] General Discussion / Filter - Clipping/Curves ignored
« on: 2020-12-18, 11:14:01 »
Hi all,

I was just making a new material when I ran into a problem I've never noticed before.

Am I missing something or is Corona somehow not really using what a filter-shader outputs?
I'm using a texture and applied a harsh clipping just to test this and the filter and the preview of the texture show the hard clipping - the IR though renders something very different.
Not the original texture either because that would be much brighter.
Texture is set up with linear color-profile.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!


PS: texture not included, shouldn't make a difference, I tested multiple with the same result

Windows 10, C4D R21, Corona 6.0

[C4D] General Discussion / SharedShaders - RenderFarm
« on: 2020-11-05, 10:27:36 »
Hi all,

we're working with Rebus Renderfarm for almost 2 years now and we're pretty happy.
Support is great, rendertimes are quick and the plugin is well made.

Unfortunately they are not able to render materials set up with shared shaders.
Now I wanted to ask if any of you (or the devs) could tell me if this is a known technical limitation for farms in general and is simply not possible or if there might be another farm that can work with Corona's shared shaders?

Best regards,

Hello everyone,

I'm running into a problem with the light material.
Since we still can't use textures in Corona Lights we're forced to use the light material with meshes.

Now my problem with the material is, that I can't get the include/exclude feature to work...
With the Corona Light that's no problem at all - objects in the exclude list are not affected by that light.
But no matter what I try with the light material (include or exclude, with or without texture applied, parametric or mesh objects) - all objects are affected all the time.

I'm not saying this can't be some user error that I just can't solve but it sure seems like a bug to me...

Any help/confirmation would be greatly appreciated!


Windows 10, Cinema R21.207, Corona 6.0

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Renaming Render Takes - Crash
« on: 2020-07-14, 16:29:41 »

unfortunately I found another bug related to Corona.

When you use Cinema's take system and set up a few takes and then try to rename them, Cinema crashes.
This happens only sometimes, but when it does it's reproducible. I think I could narrow it down to Takes that change the Material used in Material-Tags.
When that happens C4D either just closes without warning or it freezes endlessly. It usually doesn't even show that a report has been saved but there's a file with matching timestamps in the bug-report folder so I'll attach that.

I deactivated all used plugins but the issue was only resolved after uninstalling Corona. After re-installing Corona the bug was reproducible right away again.

The scene and bug-report were already uploaded: ""

Best regards,

[C4D] General Discussion / Render Setting - Child Presets
« on: 2019-11-20, 11:12:23 »
Hi all,

I'm setting up a file that will be used to render product shots.
I'm using multiple child render presets to output for different needs.
  e.g.: low-res, low quality .jpgs for previews / high-res, high quality .psd for finals / 250 frame .png sequences for 360° video / ...

My problem is, that when I'm setting up the tone mapping of the scene (simple exposure, EV, highlight compression,...) in the main render preset,
these values do not update in the child presets. C4D settings, like resolution, do update when changed in the main setting.

Additionally when multiple presets are selected you can't change the tone mapping values at all, the just disappear.

Is this a bug or intended behavior and if so, how could I avoid having to manually update all child presets?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

EDIT: I'm running Windows 10, C4D R21.026 with Corona 4 hotfix 3, no notable additional plugins installed

[C4D] General Discussion / Bug or User Error?
« on: 2019-03-25, 09:38:00 »
Hey guys,

loving the commercial release so far, unfortunately I'm not able to use daily builds due to company intern IT-limitations.

Today I came across an issue with incorrect rendering of reflections in chrome surfaces.

The image shows a pendant lamp with chrome upper parts and glass lower parts.
Additionally there are small crystals (actual geomtery with their own glass material) spread across the inner surface of that glas part.
The issue is, that these crystals render fine "directly" but don't show up in the reflections of the chrome parts - the glas bowl and the inner lighting do though...

Now I don't know if this is a bug or if I could resolve the problem myself with some render setting (I honestly haven't tried out that much).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDIT: Of course I would be able to upload the scene for the Corona Team to test themselves if needed!

[Max] I need help! / Bokeh Blender
« on: 2016-03-24, 09:27:15 »
Hey guys,

I had a go with one of C4D's preset models.
Made some materials and a more stylised product shot setup.

I tried to achieve a nice bokeh effect for the background.
For this I made a full reflective plane with some bump and lit it with one hard light from above.
Unfortunatelly it still wouldn't clean up after about 3-4 hours and 250 passes - even though I set the GI vs. AA balance to 8 to improve DOF...

Anyways I'll be happy about all comments and of course critique and help!

Cinema 4D R17 - Corona A4.1

Gallery / Lunchbreak Button
« on: 2016-03-16, 11:15:22 »
Hey guys,

I obviously can't keep up with all the great stuff others post in this gallery but this is a little somthing I made during my lunchbreak!

Made with Cinema 4D R17 and Corona A4.1

Comments are of course welcome as I want to improve myself a lot!

Hello everyone,

I am doing a lot of product shots for a big lighting company which requires me to use brushed metals quite often.
The anisotropic option in the material manager works really great but has a really annoying flaw.

First of all there always has to be a radial reflection, which makes it a little hard to use on cubic forms because of reasons related to the next issue;

The radial reflection on the object's caps (which always are in Z direction) never "closes" completely.
There will stay an area with completely different reflections. This area depends somehow on the subdivisions of the cap.

I attached a quick test render I made with default UVW mapped material + wireframes.

[C4D] General Discussion / Corona A4 Download broken?
« on: 2015-11-10, 15:00:03 »
Hey everyone,

I'm currenty struggeling with our IT Department because they seem not to be able to extract the A4 files correctly.
Could this be a real thing or is there a possibility to download the installer from somewhere else?

Any help would be much appreciated!


[C4D] General Discussion / Cinema 4D R17
« on: 2015-09-25, 11:54:21 »
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows if Corona A3, and hopefull A4 soon, do work with Cinema 4D R17?
I want to upgrade next week but am afraid to not be able to use my favorite renderer then - and also i do have a huge project coming up that absolutely requires Corona! :D

Would be thankful for any info!


[Max] I need help! / Glas Edge Problem
« on: 2015-04-30, 11:44:24 »
Hello everyone,

I'm currently doing a product shot of a glas/acryl container full of pills.

I don't know if it's only me or if Corona is rendering said container like i could see inbetween it's inner and outer wall,
which leads to some kind of border around the whole thing.

The container has thickness, glas material is standard (black diffuse, 1.52 refraction, glossines 1), scene is lit by an HDRI.
Software used: Cinema 4D R16, Corona Alpha v1.2

Thanks alot in advance, I appreciate any help!


Gallery / Gold Crystals
« on: 2015-04-29, 09:55:08 »
Hello everyone,

after not beeing able to finish even one of my previously started Interior projects I decided to do someting more abstract for a change.
And I have to admit, I'm quite satisfacted with the result after just one afternoon of "work" on this.

Inspiration came from an installation they had at the Swarovski booth at Salone del Mobile in Milano.

C&C more than welcome, I'm happy to know where I can improve myself!


[Max] I need help! / Interior Render Time Problem (C4D)
« on: 2015-04-07, 10:10:37 »

I already posted this in the WIP thread (,7645.0.html), but didn't get any answers and encountered a problem with the render times.

It's an interior shot, made in Cinema 4D. Render settings are all default, only using photgraphic exposure is checked.
Again I forgot to render with the render stamp, but my setup is as follows:

2 x Intel Xeon quad cores with 2,27 GHz.
Render time: 91h / Passes: 179
3000 x 2400 px

The scene is very basic so far, lit by an hdri from vizpeople.
Windows only have one plane of thin glass material.
Cinema 4D version does not yet support portals unfortunatelly.

I'd really be happy about any kind of help or comment, and of course could offer the scene files too!


Work in Progress/Tests / Bed & Bath - WIP
« on: 2015-03-30, 10:40:54 »
Last week i found some spare time to try myself with another interior shot, inspired by this post on archdaily.

As always, Corona was so awesome to set up, even with the slightly limited features of the Cinema4D version that I use.

What was really weird - I let it render over the whole weekend (66h) and it only reached pass 160..?!
There's no portals for the windows in our version yet, and all the render settings are on default - except highlight compression is 2 and whitebalance 8500.

Scene is lit by Peter Guthrie's 1347 HDRI, no additional lights used.
I'm using 2 x Intel Xeon quad cores with 2,27 GHz.

Unfortunatelly i didn't use a render-stamp so that's all the info i can give...

Anyways I'd be very glas to get feedback about my scene so far, and of course if anyone knows how to speed that thing up, I'd be a happy man! :-)

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