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Skin preset with no seams

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It would be nice to add some skin options to the preset list for those of us that work with characters.

Seam lines are still a problem when Sub-Surface is applied. It means having to use another renderer when working with characters. I can't get any of the workarounds suggest on the forums to work, so a preset would be a lifesaver.


Is your character model split into several objects? Or is it a single object?
Are you using different skin materials for your character? (I mean using different skin materials applied using different Selection tags)
Or, are you using only one skin material?

The character is a single object with selection sets. I apply separate materials to the head, body, arms & legs. The materials are completely seamless when no SSS is applied. As soon as SSS is applied then a noticeable greenish seam is created at every border.

Corona would be the only renderer I would use if this could be resolved.

It's been mentioned in the forums several times, but I don't think many of your users are working with characters for this issue to be a high priority. I work with characters daily so this is my main issue at the moment.

I can also confirm that it happens on any object, character or not, where the object has selection sets and uses SSS.


One option to solve the issue is to use only one skin material, so the SSS understands that everything is part of one same object.
The above means that, for every Skin material you use, the SSS needs to calculate it separately, which is causing the issue.
The suggestion is to use a single Skin material, but with a Corona Multi Shader in the Skin color channel, this will feed all the body textures needed.
Please take into consideration the following:
-The Multi Shader needs to be in Material tag index mode.
-Depending on the order the textures are loaded in the shader, you will have to add the same number of material tags to the object (please see the attached image for more explicit description)
This should work when using the selection tags.
I hope this helps.
Please let me know the outcome.

It worked beautifully!!!

Thank you.

I can now use Corona as my main renderer.


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