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v7-RC5 --> with motionblur + cloners yet some issues (but MUCH better as v6)

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when i render mb (moving objects) and the scene has cloners(render instances),
i still get some clonedobjects movedto wrong places.

overall the scene doest "explode"anymore as in v6, but i think some little rest of the problem is still there.

i will try to strip down my exampel scene ( o no NFR related thinsg from client are in) and send it then to you via the uploader.

it would be great to finally be able to use motionblur in coronawith scenes that have render/multi instances! :)


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for taking the time to let us know. When you have shared your scene with us, if you can let us know the file name, that would be great. ;)

This issue has been around since the Alpha days. Random placement of clones and some objects getting the motion blur, while some did not. I still feel the Corona version numbers are moving too fast. The C4D version should not be the same as the Max version until the features are the same. I'm guessing this issue doesn't exist on the Max version. I remember I tried a workaround to this by using the Velocity pass so I could use a plugin in AE. Nope. That didn't work either. I haven't tried to the Velocity pass with the current versions of Corona however.

it was kown and heavy in 6 and earlier,but in v7 it is mostly gone, but not in all cases/scenes.

@beanzvision: sorry i have soem deadlines atm,i try to search out the specific scene and send it to your uploder then

okthe last scene i could not upload due NDAs, but here i have a new one that makes funnythings yet with MB.

in IPR all is ok,in final rendering one car moves and truns upside down:)
i try reduce the scene and send it to you.

it woudl be soo great to finallybe able to use mb in corona (with render instances in the scene which any archviz projects use of course)



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