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First job that could really do with proxies - a complex vehicle with many parts and many materials. Am I right that I have to manually assign materials to the model proxy after it is pulled into a new scene? That’s not doable here. Am I missing something?


Hi there,

You should only need to duplicate the material tags to the proxy. All other tags are ''copied'' internally when making the proxy. More on that can be found in our helpdesk article. I hope it helps.

Thanks - yep I'd seen that. Just that this model contains hundred if not thousands of parts and tons of materials nested in amongst that.

Are you saying if I just grab all my materials from the material browser panel and throw them onto the proxy object tha tit wil work it all out?



the proxy file does not contain materials in itself, it just knows the amount and position of stacked material tags.
If you had an object with 7 material tags and none of them contained a  duplicate material, copying those tags from the object on the proxy would create the exact render output as the object.
However, if the object contains some duplicate materials, this will mess with the allocated material slots and those duplicate tags will need to be manually removed.


Thank you. I thought that was the case. It’s impractical for this kind of complex scene then which is a shame. A completely self contained proxy like Redshift would be great though. Cheers


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