Author Topic: Error reading pixel data from image file  (Read 265 times)

2022-06-21, 21:16:01


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Hi guys, i'm back with another issue. I started to denoise an image and the computer shutted down, then i restarted and tried to open the corona image, but this error hitted me.
I found this solving thing in a forum ("i think it was related to Preferences > tweaks > File I/O > enable direct reads... or the other one - Enable I/O canceling... or both of them") but I don't know where to look for these "Preferences > tweaks > File I/O > enable direct reads"
Thank you<

2022-06-22, 13:38:58
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It looks like your computer crashed during denoising. You should definitely investigate this as it might mean that it is overheating or there is some other hardware issue.
Because it crashed, the file was saved corrupted, with some data missing.
This is why it cannot be opened.

"enable direct reads" - where exactly did you find information about this? I am not aware of a 3ds Max or Corona option like this.
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