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They just added the support for A6:

Here is the list of renderfarms that support Corona:


We are located near Frankfurt / Germany and would like to point out our service offerings. Our services are designated to 3D artists, visualization, marketing agencies, architecture offices, animation, VFX, video and music productions and anyone who needs sophisticated visualizations. Our rendering servers process your projects while you tend to other responsibilities. Your advantage with us is that each scene is personally supervised with realtime communications.

we support animation rendering up to 100 nodes
we support hd cache

image preview during rendering

support for latest corona for 3DS Max 2021 Corona 6 Hotfix 1
support for latest corona for Cinema4d R23 Corona 6 Hotfix 1

daily builds are possible, upon user requests

job transmission is via our plugin.

we calculate via rendercredit based system, to make it fairer for the users

Use our calculator to estimate your costs and compare with other farms, if you like

rendering starts from 1 € per rendercredit, upgraded the farm with a bunch of TR 3970X 128-256GB Ram and up to 20 3090 24GB GPU Cards

large discounts are possible

please fee free to contact us

Nice to know you exist ;)

We update to Corona7.1, feel free to test us, you wil get 25 € free rendering.

Inapp Plugins for 3dsmax and Cinema 4D are still in development. Try our  interface

upgrade to cinema 4d r14 with corona renderer and Cinema R15 corona renderer, R16 comming soon


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