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2018-11-15, 14:19:55


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The house above an old road
This is our commercial visualization for a house next to pine forest near Kiev, Ukraine.
Our customer was amazing architect and interior designer Olha Wood. Cooperation was productive, we have got many comments and feedback. It helped us to convince her vision on our visualizations.
One of ideas for this project was to save every tree in the area. It is a brave choice and nature-friendly to keep them but this task is complicated.  Architect design this home around those trees and we made 3d models for every one of them. 
Landscape looks so real from every point of view because we worked a lot on shaders, layers and their connections. Without a doubt it was worth it.
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Hello! My name is Julian. I'm founder and CEO of Suburbia Studio.

We`re a visual marketing studio and we create renders not for the sake of renders, but for the sake of sales.

2018-11-15, 15:24:36
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Philip kelly

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Beautiful, Congratulations.
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2018-11-16, 12:59:10
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Congrats for the renders!
Where did you get the textures for concrete?
How do you get those irregular edges that add so much to realism?