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Gallery / requiem for a dream / RIP corona for sketchup
« on: 2018-03-18, 23:32:39 »
requiem for a dream / R.I.P. corona for sketchup...

a recently rendered farewell image for corona for sketchup
an old project done at my former work: small extension for a villa, somewhere in southern Sweden
sketchup make 2016, skatter for sketchup, corona for sketchup (beta), no-post
hope you like it!

Nice work @novena

So the motion blur worked well for the propellers?  I have some small tests but that is a really good scenario!

Many thanks Glen!
Motion blur works like a charm for the propellers, I plan to test a low altitude flight with the camera following the plane, the ground in theory should look motion-blurred... will show my results

hi guys
spitfire vs me 109, an experiment with 3d clouds, corona volume material and motion blur, it is full 3D, no photoshop
spitfire & me 109 3d models by Anders Lejczak (
software: Blender + Corona renderer (thanks a lot blanchg for such great exporter)

Gallery / spitfire vs me 109 (Blender + Corona standalone)
« on: 2017-08-12, 21:46:54 »
Hi guys!

This is an image I did to experiment with 3d clouds, corona volume material and motion blur, it is full 3D, no photoshop
the spitfire & me 109 3D models credits by Anders Lejczak (
Software: Blender + Corona standalone

hope you like it

Not much and not good unfortunately. The new SketchUp guy whom we have hired recently has left Render Legion for other job. We are currently evaluating our options for further SketchUp development. Sorry for the recent silence, but I didn't want to announce anything publicly until we have reached a decision (which we haven't yet).

sad to hear that, and sad to hear that SKP development is endangered :(
is there anything we Corona for SKP enthusiast could help?

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-04-03, 11:17:38 »
hello guys here comes a couple of test images using particles systems to scatter the vegetation... some textures sucks but hey it is just a test ;)


Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-04-01, 00:01:14 »
Ah sorry I had a small issue pushing 4.1.4 there is a 4.1.5 release that fixes it.

If that doesn't help then providing a small .Blend is the fastest way for me to get a fix.


you are awesome Glen! 4.1.5 works like a charm! thanks a lot

best regards

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-31, 10:19:21 »
Can you please tell me your export directory?

Victor I see yours is in c:\Program Files,  this is typically bad and Windows 8+ will cause issues with that.

Victor and burnin

4.1.4 fixes the failing to export, burnin thanks for providing the .blend files that reproduce the problem it helps immensely!

Hey Glen,

im in win 7, would it help to locate my export directory in an external hard drive, or just relocate to somewhere else in c:\  ?

I downloaded the exporter latest version, but I got the 4.1.3, have you released 4.1.4 yet?

would it help to provide you the .blend files to solve problems?

thanks again

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-31, 01:38:10 »
I need the full log and make sure the render directory is set

Hey Glen, how can I make sure the render directory is set?

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-31, 01:20:01 »
Hi Victor,

Can you try 4.1.3 please?

Hey Glen! thanks for your reply, I tried 4.1.3, but it fails to render simple geometry, see attached image
best regards

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-31, 00:44:01 »
Instancing issue fixed 4.1.1 and some other items in 4.1.2

Hey Glen!
thanks again for your hard work! I just updated to version 4.1.2 and tried to render a tree scattered using a particles system but it does not render, I got the following message see attached image
best regards

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-31, 00:38:25 »
Hey Victor,

yes it's me ;)

well - try the latest version of the exporter 4.10 - Glen did make a great update so it really exports and renders fast.

How to do it: there is a tutorial by BlenderGuru which shows best way how to scatter stuff:

it and then you have to check the "export hair" checker i think in order to make it render the trees.
keep me in the loop how that worked out :)

yes, I am very excited to get into the blender/corona combo deeper. it is very cool how powerful blender became, not to mention the mighty C :D

wrote an article on our on that topic today, if interested ;)

best regards

hey Lasse!
thanks for your reply... how could I miss to check the 'export hair' checker? aaaagh
I normally follow Andrew Prices tutorials and it seems I missed this one, thanks for the heads up, and yes I will read your article, I'm interested...

I tested with the version 4.1.0 of the exporter, and it does not even render the single tree, and just now tested with v 4.1.2 and I get an error when trying to render the particle system...
I hope this issue will be solved soon

best regards

We have a new guy starting next week + Mike is finishing the Image Editor tool and will be moving to SketchUp. It will take them some time to get oriented in the code and have it updated to current Corona version, but we should have a new release by the end of April.

that is music for my ears!! thanks for your reply Ryuu!

Chaos Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-03-30, 16:00:54 »
Hey Glen!
just noticed now the export of instances does not work anymore - the exporter adds a number to the asigned obj file.
like box.obj
and then box.001.obj
send a bug report to the bitbucket with screenshot comparing 4.05 and 4.1 :D
best regards

hey Lasse, are you Lasse Rode from XOIO? if so, it is great that you are on board the combo blender/corona... may I ask you how did you make the particles system to work? I have been trying to scatter trees with particle systems but the trees just dont render

hello there, here comes an image testing my new pinus sylvestris model, used skatter for sketchup... polycount 50 000 000
btw any news on the corona for sketchup front?

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