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Do you guys need the programmer to work in your office, or can they work remotely?

Yeah, now that we have the new shiny offices, it would be a total waste to hire guys that work remotely :) Jokes aside, we've had some bad experience with people working remotely and we prefer being able to discuss technical problems face to face using whiteboards as that leads to fastest resolution of any issues.
Got it. Then I understand why you might have trouble finding people :)

Do you guys need the programmer to work in your office, or can they work remotely?

if I could triple like this reply, I would!
Don't get too excited :D I'm not saying I know someone interested for the job, I'm just saying I can help getting in touch with a bunch of SketchUp extensions devs.

I may be able to help finding someone suited for the job, don't hesitate to contact me.

Great news!

Have I had the time, I would have definitely applied for the job. But there's still so much to do on Skatter... :)

I'm looking forward to get in touch with the new developer. Michal has implemented support for Skatter, but since then I added an observer so that render engines can react to Skatter changes in real time (for interactive rendering)

Gallery / Elementary school
« on: 2017-01-26, 21:14:04 »
This is an elementary school in France.

From the provided screenshots, me likes it too :] I wonder do they have plans to transfer parts of it to 3ds max?
Besides Rhino and SketchUp, it looks like they also use this UI for the material editor in Vray for Revit :

You guys should post in the developers categories of the SketchUp forums and SketchUcation forums :
There are several talented freelance devs lurking there.

Also, are you guys part of the SketchUp Alpha program? There's a bunch of extensions developers there, and also it would be useful to you in general.
If not, PM or email me.

I'd gladly apply for the job, as I just used Corona for max for a job, and loved it. But Skatter is eating up all my dev time :)

From the provided screenshots, me likes it too :] I wonder do they have plans to transfer parts of it to 3ds max?
This UI is for now shared only by Vray for Rhino and Sketchup. But from what I've understood, they plan to bring it to other platform. I'm not sure about 3ds max.

It depends how experience is the SU users. I do not totally agree. Some SU users came from different 3D softwares and had deep understanding of the rendering engine system before coming to SU.
Some yes, and for those the option to turn off "Global Diffuse Multiplier" should be included.
But I agree with Rawalanche that the majority (not all) of Sketchup users don't understand the underlying technical stuff of a render engine. They just want pretty image as easily as possible. For them, pure white should render as they see a white wall in real life.

I completely agree.
That's what Thea did as well, with great success. Vray did not, and many users don't understand this effect.

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Sketchup / Issue with Skatter
« on: 2016-08-22, 11:59:29 »
Windows 7, SU2016, Corona 160822, Skatter 1.1.2

Nested components don't work when using Skatter "Render only".

Let's say I have a component called inner_comp nested inside another one called outer_comp. In Skatter I pick outer_comp and scatters it on a surface, I generate using "Render only".
inner_comp is not rendered. If I explode it so that its geometry now lies directly into outer_comp, then the geometry is rendered.

My understanding is that only the geometry direclty inside "rendered only" components is rendered, but not nested components/groups.

Here is a video and the skp file.

Actually it is possible with send_action :

But only for the paint bucket, not the sampler.

I was about to suggest that you could have icons in your UI to trigger the Paint Bucket and Sampler tools, but actually I'm not sure that's doable.

Also, you can sync the other way around with Sketchup.active_model.materials.current =

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