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Gallery / Re: The house above an old road
« on: 2018-11-16, 12:59:10 »
Congrats for the renders!
Where did you get the textures for concrete?
How do you get those irregular edges that add so much to realism?

Do I have to ask for an extension? To wich mail? My login pass don't work anymore

Hello, Corona plugin x skp doesn't work anymore says license error? No license found..Any tips?


Is the development still ongoing?

I completely agree with franm; been using render engines since the vray 0.5 times; the quality of the quality of the lighting is unmatched.. so disapointed further developpment is uncertain..

Hello! What are the latest news? Did you get someone else to continue developing the plugin?

cool.. ;)

Is there any team or person working on it at least?

Any news on the sketchup front?

I think people are mixing things; all the pain people express here is because the port to max is painful, and indeed it is. Should there be a working plug-in for sketchup nobody would complain.

As an architect -and I've tried many- sketchup is by leaps and bounds the most enjoyable experience to project. The thing here is the market is making a transition to in-home made models and renders as architectural structures grow bigger, fusion and concentrate. So the challenge here is to provide the tools simplicity flexibility and speed to get nice images without the need to go through complex transitions (aka port to 3DS max) and external actors. So the way I see it, programs like revit and sketchup should be a top priority for people trying to develop rendering engines for archviz. Just my 2 cents ;)


Well.. the title says it all; given the slow (see non-existant) development of the plugin, would anyone else be interested on funding a kickstarter project? could someone from corona team tell us how much time would that represent to get comparable features set to say 1.5 for 3dsMax?

Thanks in advance


made a screenshot to show the problem..

render engines within sketchup don't support UV mapping? ..always heard good renders in skp difficult to pull because of lack of UV tools, maybe this has something to do ..dunno...Anyone willing to shed some light??

[Archive] Chaos Corona for Sketchup / UV mapping in Sketchup
« on: 2016-10-01, 21:26:50 »
hi there,

Sketchup keeps crashing when I use an UV mapped object and push Render..
Is it an unsupported feature yet or just a bug?

Also, features like displacement, are they easy to implement?

Thanks in advance

Porting and API / Re: Corona for Sketchup Discussion
« on: 2015-09-20, 21:38:49 »
looking for info I've found this..

care any of the developpers to expand on the subject?

thanks in advance

Porting and API / Re: Corona for Sketchup Discussion
« on: 2015-09-18, 13:10:55 »
i read somewhere an alpha version was suposed to be out this past that right?

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