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When I am selecting a polygon face in Cinema how do I know which poly face I have selected?  Does it tell you which one it is somewhere?  I need to know so I can compare it to the Poly Selection tag and finish in the object manager; so I know what finish it has on it.  I don't find any place on the screen where it indicates which polygon face you've selected, whether 1, 2 or 3, etc.   Thank you.

Does anyone know how I would switch my Corona render from my old Cinema4D R21 to my new install of Cinema4D R23?  It's not showing up.  I have a ticket in with Corona Render so hope to have their answer soon but would love to start using it.  P.S. I'm windows-challenged, a beginner, so need a step by step. Thank u.

I have been using a student version of Cinema4D R21, along with Corona installed.  I just got a new 6 month student subscription and they gave me a license this time for Cinema4D R23, and it came with its own installer. I have successfully installed the new Cinema R23.  Now I see Corona is no longer showing up.  How do I switch Corona from my old inactive Cinema4D R21 to my new Cinema4D R23?   Do I have to uninstall or remove it and then reinstall it somehow??  Thanks.

I have a question about the move tool (red green and blue arrows). Sometime it is outside the frame of a detailed (zoomed in) area where I am looking.  Can I get it to come into, snap it into, that zoomed-in area?  Or do I always have to zoom out, find it, and work with it from outside that view??  Thank you.

For example see screen shots below.  I want to move the base into correct position on the left corner, but the move tool is way over on the right end, have to zoom out to see it.

[C4D] I need help! / How to import an obj file
« on: 2020-09-28, 10:55:33 »
I am trying to import an object file in Cinema which contains 4 area rugs.  I have two files, an obj file and a material (mtl) file.  Cinema4d will open the obj file, and I get 4 flat rectangles with no finishes on them. How do I get the material file to open as well?  When I click on it Cinema says "file format unknown".  Below is screen shot of the two files I have.  Thank you.  P.S. I know I have opened an obj file in the past of a chair without Cinema4D, and it worked fine but I even forget how to do that.

I am trying to render an Aeron type office chair, with the mesh material on the back.  I cannot see the mesh/fretted material in the render, the area looks empty, even though I see there is a mesh bitmap (png file?) applied as a material .  If I disable the "alpha channel" it becomes a solid that looks like a mesh but is not transparent.   I am not knowledgeable about Cinema, just using it to import SketchUp models and make the connection with Corona Render.  But it's going well, until I try to render this mesh/fretted material on this chair.  I don't remember a problem with rendering a material like this in Vray for SketchUp or Maxwell for Sketchup, don't remember having to do anything special to deal with it.  But am stuck here with Corona for Cinema4D.

Thank you.   I have attached jpegs below.

[C4D] I need help! / How rotate wood material 90 degrees
« on: 2020-04-07, 08:10:22 »
I have am using a wood texture jpeg.  It looks pretty nice so far but don't know how to rotate the direction of the wood 90 degrees.  Tried a couple of things I saw on line but either direction didn't actually change or material turned "black."  Admittedly have not studied program as much as I should, am looking for a shortcut asking here.  Thank you.

[C4D] I need help! / Corona lights creating shadows
« on: 2020-03-11, 09:42:08 »
I am using Corona lights, placed horizontally a few feet from the ceiling, and they are creating shadows above on the ceiling.  How do I get rid of that??   

When I am in Cinema4D modeling mode, the Corona lights I have placed (horizontally) turn that scene all white and black, so I can’t see what I’m doing.  Is there a way to get rid of all of that black and white indication so I can see the parts of the model?  I turned all of the lights off individually once, except for the sky I think, and then it looked normally colored and I could distinguish between parts of the model while editing.  Is there a way to do that quickly or another mode I should choose??  I have attached screen shots below.  Thank you.

[C4D] I need help! / Losing camera view
« on: 2020-02-10, 08:34:57 »
Very new to Cinema4D/Corona.  Comparing Cinema4D to SketchUp "scenes.." In Sketchup I could make a scene, then go in and move around the scene, orbit, etc, do some work, but then push that scene and it would return to the view I had set originally.  But with Cinema4D, when I move around and then try to get back to the original camera view, it doesn't remember it, doesn't go back to the original camera view.  Don't remember this kind of problem with Autocad or Revit either, but it's been a while.

Anything you can say about the status of the Corona for SketchUp plug-in?  Will it definitely be developed eventually??  Thank you.

Preliminary renderings with current version of SketchUp for Corona are looking nice.  Look forward to interior lighting being added!  One problem is I can't save a render.  Save-As window lists no file types, only the symbol *.*  File types are listed strewn across the very top of the window.  I am using 2017 SketchUp Make. See attached copy of the Save-As window.

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