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BigA13:  That worked!  I double clicked a selection tag and the polygon face highlighted.  Before I must have only been clicking once on it.  Thank you so much, along with others that replied! Now I know how to identify what finish is on each individual face which was getting complicated. 

See on this new attachment below where it says "Polygon attachment.1"?  That little triangle corresponds to one of the polygon faces in the wall, like the polygon face I drew a circle around in the attachment above; but I don't know which one.  Because if I click on the polygon face in the model, it doesn't tell me which one I'm clicking on.  Thank you.

I don't know about the overlapping polygons.  I click on the polygon selection tags on the right and absolutely nothing highlights in the model.  I just don't understand why, if I click on a polygon face in the model, nothing tells me on the screen what polygon face I am clicking on.  I see in the Object manager list on the right all of the polygon tags and finishes corresponding to this wall of rectangles, but I can't make the connection between the two, the model's polygon faces on the left and the corresponding selection tags on the right in the object manager.  Seems I would have to draw a picture of the wall and write down the number of each polygon face as I apply a finish to it and and then see that it corresponds to polygon selection tag 1 or 2 etc. But I imagine Cinema does tell me which one I'm clicking on in the model, and I just don't know where on the screen interface to look for it, where it is shown. Thanks for answering.

When I am selecting a polygon face in Cinema how do I know which poly face I have selected?  Does it tell you which one it is somewhere?  I need to know so I can compare it to the Poly Selection tag and finish in the object manager; so I know what finish it has on it.  I don't find any place on the screen where it indicates which polygon face you've selected, whether 1, 2 or 3, etc.   Thank you.

No, wait it was Corona who wrote to me and asked that question.

This is what I replied to Corona:

"I was told I needed to download the new Corona 6 version installer.  Then I ran it and when it asked what kind of installation, I chose Custom, clicked on that, found R23 there and chose that.  Then continued and it was done.

Interestingly Cinema4D has reached out and asked me how I had figured out how to add Corona to R23, saying "it may help others with the same problem."  So I told them.  Thank u all.  (Correction it was Corona who has asked me to tell them how I did it, not Cinema4D)

By the way CineMike: The way that my previous topic had ended up being worded, I thought it appeared I had my answer, but I didn't. That's the only reason I started a new topic.  No need to make a remark about it.  Began to seem like your replies were getting in the way for me. 

To start with I didn't know where/what my Corona installer was.  Didn't realize it was this file called "hotfix" in a folder right on my desktop.  I was staring and staring at your instructions Mmarcotic/Jan, not exactly understanding, but then did check out a video on installing corona and saw the guy clicked on that same "hotfix" file and finally realized that was the installer.

Once I realized that, I combined what you said about looking for R23 in the Custom part, with what CineMike said earlier about Corona 6, and figured out what to do.  And now I have it!  Thanks.

Does anyone know how I would switch my Corona render from my old Cinema4D R21 to my new install of Cinema4D R23?  It's not showing up.  I have a ticket in with Corona Render so hope to have their answer soon but would love to start using it.  P.S. I'm windows-challenged, a beginner, so need a step by step. Thank u.

Cinemike:  Thank you so much for replying. 

But I don't know how to "install Corona in your new R23 installation.." I downloaded Corona the first time when I first got Cinema R21 and al went well.  Don't know how to make that happen for new Cinema R23 installation. Don't know what a compile is.  Real novice.

I have been using a student version of Cinema4D R21, along with Corona installed.  I just got a new 6 month student subscription and they gave me a license this time for Cinema4D R23, and it came with its own installer. I have successfully installed the new Cinema R23.  Now I see Corona is no longer showing up.  How do I switch Corona from my old inactive Cinema4D R21 to my new Cinema4D R23?   Do I have to uninstall or remove it and then reinstall it somehow??  Thanks.

Beansvision:  Thank you very much for the custom video!  I have looked at it a couple of times and am going to try it on a file soon.   

I have a question about the move tool (red green and blue arrows). Sometime it is outside the frame of a detailed (zoomed in) area where I am looking.  Can I get it to come into, snap it into, that zoomed-in area?  Or do I always have to zoom out, find it, and work with it from outside that view??  Thank you.

For example see screen shots below.  I want to move the base into correct position on the left corner, but the move tool is way over on the right end, have to zoom out to see it.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Neon for corona
« on: 2020-10-24, 13:07:46 »
I don't know about the distance shader, or neon, but I know when I wanted a tube light (light material) recently to look more glowing, when I turned on bloom and glare suddenly it was glowing (some atmosphere around the tube).  As Beanzvision said above.

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