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Hey guys, im trying to come up with a realistic TV texture (illuminated, decent colors, subtle reflection etc) any tutorial you guys can refer me to or an existing material to start with? would you go at it with just one texture or a light material with a texture and a glass in front etc?

Many thanks

Generally, it's always good to use a setup closely matching the real thing you're trying to reproduce. It'll certainly help if you use a glass object in front of the plane, this will add realism and take care of correct reflections. For the 'luminous' screen material, I'd go with LightMtl instead of self-illumination, it'll render faster (self-illumination is solved via GI calculations which are slower and noisier, LightMtl will use an optimized illumination model).


Butting in here a bit... Pokoy, you gave me the answer to a lot of LONG render times were I have useddark environments with shop signs lit using illuminated mats rather than light mats. Thank you for clarifying this :-) John

Attempt to "paint virtual photography" using Corona v8.1.
Display material values adapted for HDRI used: Artist Workshop - Poly Haven
with Camera Simple EV @ -2

Wait, I was referring to a CRT screen, only now realized it's a LCD screen that the OP was after. Sorry for the confusion! In that case, self illumination might be the way to go, still, if you want it to be faster and need it to illuminate the scene, Lightmtl would be faster.

@Johnny - glad I could help.


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