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Update Hotfix 1 desaster!

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I'm in the middle of an animation job..
for 3 days problem search at rebus farm
because corona causes problems with water
animation (displacement and caustics) -displacment
 inexplicably jumps).
Suddenly corona is spinning on my workstation too..
upgrade to corona 8 hotfix 1 - and now all the lights
 from 13 takes are no longer correct..
sorry but: its a disaster!!!

- bright one is corona 8

- dark one is corona 8 hotfix 1

no ies light just standard light with this mods:
-occlude other lights / on -off

(grey square hide prototyp)

C'mon, you know better.
 At first sight of such "bhug" you should embrace seeking help here and send files to official diagnostic center...
I'm not sorry, it's just that no one can help you now, after working hours, simply by looking at this post.

sorry for bothering you with my corona 8 hotfix1 problem.
since yesterday the chaos website keeps saying "chaos system is down"
but i found another way to the support center.
to the administration: please delete this article . thanks!

TomG: "submit a request" would be the way to go, as a copy of the scene (you can delete the prototype, or otherwise simplify the scene down to just the bare bones problem objects that show this difference) would be very useful (and that's the secure, private way to send in a scene copy now). We'd also need which version of C4D, which OS and version. There weren't any changes to lights or rendering calculations in HF 1, so without seeing more of what is going on in the scene, we wouldn't be able to identify what might be the cause of this. All the changes in HF 1 can be seen here and none of them sound like anything that would cause a change in lighting.

On the original displacement jumping, if the camera was moving it is best to use World and not Screen displacement, as screen saves memory by doing less subdivisions and detail for more distant objects, which means if a camera is moving then displacement can change from frame to frame; Render Settings, Corona, Performance has the option to switch over to World for displacement calculations, which does not vary the displacement based on distance from camera. That would be worth a look to see if it solves the jumping displacement.

Ah going to leave this here for now, in case the bit of info about displacement helps you solve the original problem :)


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