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“Save project with assets” looses .ies in Corona light


Usually a window pops up “can’t find file…” When searching from that dialog, it then puts the .ies in the root of the project folder.
No ies folder gets created. Link in corona light is lost.
Finding the right .ies and relinking all by hand in a big scene can get pretty tedious…
This problem is not new, but never got around to file a bug report. Might be a c4d issue.


I can confirm that .ies get copied into the root of the folder and not individual ies folder, but for me, the light correctly re-links the absolute path to a relative one and the ies is maintained. In the Project Asset Inspector, the path is also correct.

Could you provide an example scene with assets in which this issue is persistent?


Are you linking the ies files from the content browser or from a folder?
I remember there were some issues with linking ies from the content browser.

You are right it’s the absolute path that gets lost. I had issues in the past with IES lights in team render. TR can’t find .ies with a relative path. I’m currently migrating scenes to a new server and need to recreate that absolute path for all lights… mind numbing. Can't just simply move the project folder, because almost every scene pulls assets from the old content browser...
Don’t think it’s necessary to send you a scene - you get the point.
If I understand it correctly your dev team is looking into this c4d path nightmare as we speak…

I'm not using the c4d ies files, but If an asset comes from the content browser with the .ies stored inside the content browsers tex folder, it creates duplicates of that ies for every instance of that light when “save w/ assets” and rewrites the path to the duplicates name - light.ies, light_1.ies and so on. You end up with a bunch of junk in your project folder.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is in R18. It now occurred to me that maybe that’s a non-issue in more recent versions. Maybe now TR can find ies in a relative path? Will test when I get to it…


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