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Corona 7 fix 1 crashes when previewing materials


Hey guys, all of a sudden my c4d started crashing when I click in any material in the material manager. It started right after I deleted duplicated unusued and duplicated materials. It happens in any scene, even a new one, when I create a new material, it crashes before the preview is generated. I am using s24, but it is also happening in s22. I've updated gpu drivers and windows, uninstalled and reinstalled corona.


sorry that this is happening to you. Were there any other steps than just removing duplicate and unused materials that you took? Doing so does not crash for me.
Are you on a Mac or a Windows?
For Mac: go to /Library/Application Support/Corona/ and delete the LicensingLog.txt (Library is the user one)
For Windows: go to C:/Users/your_user/AppData/Local/CoronaRenderer/ and delete the LicensingLog.txt

Let me know if this helps. In the meantime, I am reporting this internally.


Thanks, Jan!! I've deleted the LicensingLog.txt and now it works.

best regards,


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