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Corona 7 CRX Problem & 1 emitter missing

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After save and re-open .CRX in Corona-Image-Painter
i get wrong results. And the right emitter was missing.
(see Attach)

Corona Render 7 / C4d (S24.111 rc) / Win 10

Can you detail your workflow, e.g. where you save the CXR from (as there are a couple of different places you could be doing that from). Also, can you share the scene e.g. via private uploader (see links in my signature). Thanks!

Scene with Simple Model in Attach.
After rendering i save the Test.cxr out of Corona VFB (under save Button) and open in Image Editor 7.
Thank you!

TY, just to confirm on a first initial test, the same happens for me, the R LightSelect is missing.

By renaming the LightSelect to "Right" rather than "R", it started working when saved :) For some reason, the name "R" seems to be protected in some way, as LightSelect with that name is not saved (once I had the problem one renamed to "Right", I renamed the "L" to "R", and guess what, it no longer showed up in the saved CXR).


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