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IR crashes every time.

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Daniel Mikolajčák:
is there something that makes IR crash more often? E.G. the use of Xref objects. I have a complex scene that crashes every time during IR. I was hoping to get some tips before having to upload the whole scene.


what has helped to avoid crashing:

tick off:
Force Path tracing
Enable motion blur,

disable multipass,

moving frame on the timeline from -5 to 0.

Lowering output resolution

I think it was only "force path tracing" though because crashing returned when I had it checked once again.
-- update --

I am not using force pathtracing and it crashes all the time too. I've just tried disabling motion blur and it took a bit longer to crash (crashed when selecting polys from a multi-instance clonned obj). In my scene, only a car is animated (and 3 instances of it), and inside its null there are two light objects (being one an instance of other)


Could you please share your computer specs? (OS version, C4D version, Corona Renderer version, CPU model, installed RAM)
If you're using a mac, have you tried updating your OS to the 11.4 or 11.5 version?
(the same thing goes for PCs, update your windows)Do you guys have other render engines installed?
Does the issue persist if you uninstall the other render engines?

win10 up to date / c4d s22 / corona 7 final edition / Ryzen 7 2700 Octa-Core 3.2GHz / 48gb ram installed (60% used during IR). No other render engine installed


sorry that you're having issues. Along with the bugreport, could you also send us a minidump.dmp that's located kn the same folder?



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