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Viewport slows down lot after setting proxy´s path from absolute to relative.

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Daniel Mikolajčák:
Hello guys,

I work on 2 Computers who have different sdd structure and cannot use therefor absolute file paths to work on same scene. This is no problem since Corona can look into Cinema's asset paths and thus use relative file names. How ever when I set bunch of Proxies from absolute to relative path the viewport slows down to cca. 3 fps. Going back to absolute paths, viewport speed is normal again. Could you try to reproduce this problem? If not I can make screen video for demonstration.


Hi Daniel,

does the slowdown happen only during the proxy reloading or all the time?


Daniel Mikolajčák:
Hi, all the time unfortunately, until I use current computers absolute file path, then it disappears. I will make a screen recording when I have more time.

Thank you, screen recording will help a lot.

Does it happen with a particular scene/Proxy file only?

Also is it possible for you to share the scene and the proxies or at least part of them that we can use to reproduce the issue?
If you don't want to share it publicly, you can use our private uploader:


Daniel Mikolajčák:
Hello Slava,
thank you for taking up this problem. I have uploaded the video to youtube:

I have tried other heavy poly proxies too. It happens as well so it seem it is not related to one specific model.

I have also uploaded scene along with a proxy.


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