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render vanishing after denoise


Hi ,

so I encountered a strange and nasty issue this morning. I have left a render on one machine for a long time. This morning I saved it while it was still rendering as lately I had sveral crashes while denoising.
And fortunately I did so because after the denoise the render is GONE!
VFB is there c4d didnt crash but there is no render shown just black.
If I select a single light select in pass it shows I switch to the LM pass and there is my render back again but its there only for a few seconds!!!
and when saved (while still showing it) it saves a empty black image!!!!

the saved .cxr opens in the image editor and has no issue as the one described above.So I do manage to save the render but its a big issue. saving .cxr files only to save the rendered image is overkill as the file size is huge.

this was rendered on a single machine no TR involved. Using Corona 3 hotfix version
It is a very nasty bug and along the numerous crashes on denoising makes work very unpredictable. Add TR not working to these issues and I wonder how this can be considered a working product.



Hi Kizo,

This seems to be related to Bloom and Glare. Does deactivating it make the image return? Similar issues have been reported unfortunately. :/

Hi Ben,

just checked and thats it. Very unfortunate and I hope it will be resolved soon.

Thanks on the reply.

P.S. I sent another email to the official support email and no reply agin. Can you please check that?

I would say there is likely a NAN in your original image (a "not a number" result). Using the latest daily build from Feb 20th should resolve that, as this was an issue that was reported earlier and we have already fixed (at least, as far as we know). Basically, if there is a NAN (which will show as a black pixel) anywhere in the image, bloom and glare can make the whole image turn black - but only if there is a NAN in there.

Since there are no other major changes in the latest dailies, you should be safe to move to using that without disrupting your ongoing projects. As a note, daily builds will be where the latest fixes appear.


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